10 Best Gundam Cosplays That Look Exactly Like The Characters

Since its TV debut in 1979, Mobile Suit Gundam (in all its various forms) has inspired fans across the globe to dream. Whether it be through the tiny handcraft model kits, elaborate collections, or other types of fan art, the love for this sci-fi classic has continued to be celebrated for the last forty years and shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.

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Part of the history of the Gundam fandom has included some incredible cosplays over the years. From those that showcase the Universal Century to the ones that pay homage to the After Colony, every corner of the Gundam universe has some costume-represented love. But there are a few of these brilliant cosplayers that go one step beyond - and look just like their favorite character (or mobile suit!) To celebrate the legacy of these fans, here's a list of the 10 Best Gundam Cosplays That Look Exactly Like The Characters.

10 Lacus Clyne

With her long locks and pop idol aesthetic, Lacus Clyne from Gundam SEED might be one of the most cosplayed characters in the legacy of the Gundam franchise. And why wouldn't she be? With her stunning wardrobe and overall charming aura, she is a cosplay dream come true.

Of course, though there have been so many fantastic Lacus cosplayers over the years - there's something about Skye from DIVA Cosplay's take (photographed here by Shiro Ang) that brings Lacus to life. She has the fairy tale appeal, but that perfect pop singer look that makes this pink-haired heroine stand out from a crowd.

9 Relena Peacecraft

With her authoritative demeanor yet reserved nature, it makes sense why Relena Peacecraft would make such an impression on both Gundam Wing's Heero Yuy and the fandom of the Gundam franchise as a whole. She's one part political leader, another a lost Disney Princess. And when certain pieces of her arc become revealed, she transforms into one of the most captivating female protagonists in Gundam's long history.

With this stunning creation, cosplayer Danielle (busanpanda) perfectly captures the features of Relena, without losing the soft fairy tale aesthetic touches that make her such an icon in the franchise. Complimented by her awesome wig and well-tailored suit, Danielle pays tribute to Relena with stellar results.

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8 Mineva Lao Zabi

She may seem like your typical Gundam heroine, but Mineva from Gundam Unicorn is not even close to fitting that description. With her ties to the Principality of Zeon and strong war-focused lineage, she has a complicated past - especially since she doesn't connect with her family's obsessions towards war. And with her willingness to do anything for future peace, Mineva is a character worthy of a regal cosplay.

Standing with grace and confidence, Yuki-O-Forest brings Mineva (shown in her Zeon outfit) to life. With her delicate make-up, excellent wig, and detailed cape, these are the sort of cosplays that make it seem like the character stepped right out of the TV and into the real world.

7 Char Aznable

Considered by many to be the most significant antagonist in all of Gundam history, Char Aznable is not only one heck of a Zaku pilot, but he's also quite the fashion trendsetter. With his collection of flashy suits and his iconic white mask, Char's looks are just as impressive as his Red Comet-style battle moves.

Not every cosplayer that tries to pull off Char's runway-style "eleganza" gets it quite right, but Jellokatamari does a splendid job of representing Char's multi-layered persona without losing the cool factor. They've got the proper posture, the sharp pronounced details on the outline of the top, and of course, Char's signature shades to make the look stand the cosplay-test of time.

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6 RX-78-2 and Sayla Mass

There's nothing like the sight of seeing a girl hanging out with her best Gundam buddy. And the most classic of these duos is the O.G. RX-78-2 paired with Sayla Mass from the original Mobile Suit Gundam series.

Created by cosplayers PUNIVAL and mikuen-drops, this brightly colored Gundam pair is an accurate yet optimistic depiction of their animated counterparts. Sure, there is an argument to be made that the mobile suits themselves are not actual characters - but to some, they have quite a bit of personality, which is an aspect PUNIVAL brings front and center in this piece. And with an equally enchanting Sayla, you have a combo that conveys the charm of the original series without losing the fun factor.

5 Lalah Sune

With her strong Newtype abilities and sad backstory, Lalah (much like many of the ladies in the original Mobile Suit Gundam) has a lot of angles to her arc. One part of her is incredibly loyal to Char (after he saved her from a set of unfortunate circumstances), but another has a deep connection to the series protagonist Amuro.

Portraying the beautiful yet complicated aspects of Lalah is cosplayer Jetspectacular. Getting this blue beauty's signature hairstyle and down-to-earth style can seem easy but is genuinely quite hard to accomplish. But this specific cosplay embodies all of the stunning elements of the character with grace and timeless elegance.

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4 Heero Yuy

Considered to be the most skilled of Gundam Wing's five pilot team, Heero Yuy isn't exactly the most chipper of the boys. He's a 15-year-old with a stern, cold outlook that doesn't match the more optimistic nature of his pals Quatre and Duo. But deep down, Heero wears his emotions on his sleeveless shirt - a side that eventually he shows to the rest of the cast, particularly Relena, as the series progresses.

Cosplayer twinfools brings that signature 90's teen angst to life in this cosplay. Sure, getting a green tank top, shorts, and boots can seem like an easy task to accomplish, but crafting the perfect wig and overall aesthetic of Heero is a challenge - one that twinfools achieves here.

3 Harry Ord and Loran Cehack

Considered one of the more cult favorites within the Gundam franchise, Turn A Gundam has some of the most interesting characters and costumes seen within the long-running Mecha series. From Dianna Soriel's various elegant looks to Kihel Heim's iconic dress and summer hat, the fashion on display in this show would rival outfits seen during Fashion Week.

But probably the most unique of the show's outfits are worn during a particular dance sequence, featuring an in-drag Loran (the primary pilot of the series) and Harry Ord, the royal guard. And in this beautiful cosplay, created by Mim-89 and their friend, the whimsical details on display in the scene are recreated in the most magical of ways - looking just like a screenshot straight out of the series.

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2 Yzak Joule

Gundam SEED has quite the collection of complicated characters. One of them is Yzak Joule, an angst-filled hot-tempered young pilot who is committed to fulfilling any task that comes his way from ZAFT. And with his signature silver hair and pronounced facial figures, he certainly leaves an impression on anyone that stands in his way.

With impressive make-up skills and a flawlessly made suit, cosplayer palecardinal makes Yzak look believably real in some borderline scary ways. Particularly with the eye shadow, liner, and contact lenses, it seems like Yzak is looking straight into your soul - trying to figure out how to win against you in an upcoming galactic battle.

1 Setsuna F. Seiei

Gundam 00 has a collection of captivating pilots - all of whom have their important arcs within the series, including Setsuna. Due to his tragic past, Setsuna is against the thought of politicians and anything having to do with war in general. And with his excellent fighting skills, and willingness to do anything for peace, he is a worthy addition to the long history of young Gundam pilots.

In this creation, cosplayer Rukinda does a excellent job of bringing about Setsuna's darker persona to the forefront. And through the use of beautiful make-up, wig, and sewing skills, the entire outfit looks like something created for a live theater version of the show. It truly is a work of cosplay perfection.

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