10 Gifts For The Daredevil Fan In Your Life

The Man Without Fear got the big break he needed with Netflix's Daredevil series. Unfortunately, the show has been canceled now, but that doesn't mean that people still aren't in love with Matt Murdock and his corner of New York City. There's a lot to like about a blind lawyer who becomes a vigilante conflicted with himself about morality through religion.

Daredevil is one of Marvel's most interesting characters. The show may be canceled, but the character could still live on. Daredevil fans are going to need all the bones they can get thrown their way, so we have this gift guide just for them.

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Daredevil has had an odd legacy in the comics. He went through a phase where he wore a yellow and black suit, and it wasn't long before Marvel decided to move from that design. However, it was that suit that Jeph Loeb decided would be a great point to tell a story with. In "Daredevil: Yellow", we get Matt Murdock thinking to his earlier days as the Man Without Fear.

Not only is there greater insight into his time as a hero, but we get a better contextualization for the yellow suit. It makes all those older comics feel like they had a greater purpose.


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The Daredevil show was not only one of the best Netflix shows but one of the best superhero shows ever made. Everything, from the acting and choreography to gorgeously framed scenes and powerful characters, was on point. Matt Murdock, Foggy Nelson, Karen Page, and Wilson Fisk are the most real, relatable, and flawed characters we've seen in a show to date.

This collection bundles together the first two seasons of the show. See Matt Murdock begin his time as the man in black to take down Wilson Fisk. Then watch as Punisher and Elektra are thrown into the mix later on.


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Diamond Select Toys has always done a great job recreating comic book characters in high-quality statues. This Daredevil statue is no different. Highlighting the character's design from the Daredevil show, this is a version that many fans will find familiar. All the details and subtle changes in Matt Murdock's live-action costume are represented here, and he even has his billy clubs for good measure.

Daredevil is also standing on what could be a broken rooftop, which goes along nicely with his arc in the series. It even manages to get Charlie Cox's facial expressions just right. It's a stellar figure.


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When we first see Daredevil in the Netflix series, he's not wearing his iconic devil suit. Instead, he is wearing a black costume with a bandana covering the top half of his face. Often dubbed the Man in Black, this is one of the best prototype costumes for any superhero.

This version of Daredevil has his own Funko Pop! figure too. While the pose is standard, there's something unique about seeing a mostly black character with no facial expressions. At the very least, the figure represents an important piece of Daredevil history (the costume appeared in comics as well), making it a worthy gift.


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With Daredevil being the darkest thing produced by Marvel Studios, everything had to reflect that tonal shift. Thankfully, the powers that be had a strong grasp on how to get that accomplished.

This tone was even reflected in Daredevil's stellar soundtrack. From the subtle yet uneasy main theme to the heavy beats present in the action scenes, the music is all in service of the narrative and what's happening on-screen. That's why getting the soundtrack for the show's first season would be such a great gift. It comes in CD and vinyl form, though the vinyl is a much greater collectible.


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While Matt Murdock is most known for being the Daredevil, he also has a day job. He works with his best friend, Foggy Nelson, as they run their own law firm and take all sorts of clients across Hell's Kitchen. Naming their firm Nelson and Murdock, they created their own logo and did the best with what they could.

This shirt essentially takes that logo and plasters it on the front. While many people probably wouldn't recognize it, Daredevil fans know it all too well. It's a subtle way of expressing one's love for the Daredevil character and his world.


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Diamond Select Toys covered all their bases when it came to Daredevil. They already have a statue of the Netflix version, but they have one of the comic book version as well. In the comics, Daredevil is more agile, more freely using the grappling hook from his cane that it's become an iconic part of the character's design. This shift in Daredevil's style is represented perfectly with this statue.

Daredevil looks to be leaping from the side of a building, ready to grapple onto something else. His costume is much tighter than the Netflix version, featuring the 'DD" logo on its chest.


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Mugs get great treatment when it comes to representing popular characters. Take this Daredevil mug, for example. It's a 3D, ceramic mug, meaning that it's been molded in a different shape. This one is shaped like Daredevil's head, including his facial features and horns on the rim. While it might seem a bit weird to hold, the back actually remains relatively unchanged, making it easy to use just like a regular mug.

The mug is also colored in a glossy red, which perfectly reflects the character's costume from the comics. The mug is also licensed by Marvel, guaranteeing high quality.


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Wilson Fisk is the main antagonist of Daredevil. Having a desire to save Hell's Kitchen, Fisk has a funny way of going about it. He uses his power and money to take over the city until he comes face to face with Daredevil.

His conflict with Daredevil in the show has made him one of the MCU's best villains to date. Period. Daredevil fans, no doubt, love this character and how well he is written, which is why getting a Funko Pop! figure for them would be a great decision. The figure keeps Fisk's powerful posture as he fixes his sleeves. It also adds in Fisk's angry eyebrows to better replicate the character.


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This is a bit more of a niche gift, only being appropriate for people who are both into Daredevil and have (or are interested in) Upper Deck Legendary. With that game having players build a team of heroes to take down a famous roster of villains, it only makes sense that they would want more in their collection.

This Noir expansion brings the Noir Universe. It includes popular characters like Spider-Man and Daredevil Noir, complete with their unique designs. The expansion also lets players go through the events of the comics through tabletop play, which is bound to make them ecstatic.

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