Sewing Is Half The Battle: 17 Insane G.I. Joe Cosplays

g.i. joe cosplay

G.I. Joe is a cosplayer’s dream of a franchise. Comprised of hundreds of characters, each with their own unique look and backstory, the cast of G.I. Joe gives way to a huge amount of cosplaying options. No matter your gender, size or any other physical characteristics, more than likely there’s a Joe character that is right for you. And because of this amount of choices, cosplayers have flocked to the G.I. Joe franchise. That’s what makes it so damn difficult to narrow down a great list of beautiful, fun and slightly odd G.I. Joe cosplays.

You heard right, this isn’t just a list of the hottest guys and gals wearing army fatigues and tight-fitting leather. No, this one runs the gamut of Joe cosplay. We have compiled a list that features some beautiful men and women, each of whom looks ripped from the comic pages and TV screens. In addition, we also feature cosplayers that have really dug deep to stand out in a crowd, becoming characters that you may or may not have even heard of. And of course, we like to include a couple cosplayers who are clearly just having fun with some weird and whacky costumes. Let’s dig through your old toybox and showcase 17 G.I. Joe characters brought to life by some talented cosplayers.


Baroness Cosplay Daelyth

When you search the Internet for some of the most popular G.I. Joe cosplays, you’re going to notice that one rises to the top. Baroness is a character that almost every female G.I. Joe cosplayer eventually takes a shot at. And with that amount of options, you know that cosplayer Daelyth’s Baroness has to be the cream of the crop to be featured on this list.

Baroness is Cobra’s high-ranking intelligence officer (she wears glasses, natch).

Her iconic costume is easy to spot, with the tight black leather and Cobra logo emblazoned on her chest. Of course, no Baroness cosplay would be complete without the black hair and glasses. Daelyth checks all the boxes and then some with her incredible cosplay. The amount of detail in her costume is incredible. Frankly, it makes the live-action film version of Baroness look cheap.


Tomax and Xamot GI Joe Cosplay

Let’s be honest for a second, Tomax and Xamot are ridiculous characters on paper. Twin bankers that leave their cushy jobs for a life of international terrorism and espionage is silly. Of course, this absurdity is compounded by the fact that their costumes and hair styles are mirror images of each other. It’s a striking image, certainly, but doesn’t really make a lick of sense in reality. Why would two terrorist spies really only need to protect one side of their necks?

That being said, you have to hand it to these gentlemen, who truly bring it as Tomax and Xamot, respectively. The costumes are top notch, looking ripped from the G.I. Joe cartoon. But it’s the facial expression from Xamot (the twin on the right) that really puts these two on the list. The look of, “Yeah, I’m a murderous, corporate terrorist twin and I’m loving it!” really seals the deal.


Big Boa GI Joe Cosplay

You may wonder why Cobra would need a blue tights-wearing boxer with a metal helmet and an abundance of spikes in their war to take over the world. Well, it all makes sense when you realize that Big Boa was created to be the enemy of Rocky Balboa. Ultimately, the deal fell through, and Hasbro moved forward with Big Boa as a character, and suddenly, Cobra’s boxer-extraordinaire looks odd all alone.

That’s right, Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky was in talks to become an in-canon member of G.I. Joe.

The fact that Big Boa is a C-list Cobra character, at best, doesn’t stop this cosplayer from rocking his duds. Sporting the blue tights, robotic helment, and all the spikes, this cosplayer looks awesome as Boa. And let’s not forget the confidence it must take to not only cosplay as a largely unknown and odd G.I. Joe character, but to do it shirtless, also. We say if Rocky won’t come to Big Boa, then Big Boa should show up in the next Creed film, so we can see once and for all the rivalry that we didn’t even know we wanted.


Snake Eyes Cosplay Danquish

There’s really no debate, Snake Eyes is the single best G.I. Joe character ever created. There’s no doubt that Snake Eyes would be a cosplaying favorite among fans. For our money, the best Snake Eyes we could find is none other than a cosplayer by the name of Danquish.

He’s a ninja wearing all black and has one of the coolest helmets ever conceived.

While some of the best cosplays are the ones that look exactly like their fictional counterpart, Danquish takes all the best elements of Snake Eyes but makes him more modern and functional. Adding a touch of armor, while still keeping the same general look, and iconic helmet, Danquish has made a Snake Eyes that feels right. Whereas the live-action films haven’t really done Snake Eyes justice with his costume, either going really bulky or really rubbery, this cosplayer has a great mix that would look great on screen.


Zarana Gi Joe Cosplay

Zarana is another deep-cut from G.I. Joe lore. She was created as the younger sister of Zartan and a member of the biker/punk Cobra group known as the Dreadnoks. Originally, the Dreadnoks were conceived as humanoid bears, since Return of the Jedi made Ewoks popular. However, legendary writer Larry Hama nixed that idea and said they should probably be obnoxious bikers. Thus, the Dreadnoks we know and love were born.

Cosplayer Tarapotamus is by far the best Zarana we’ve seen. While some fans cosplay as Zarana and update her look to be more fashionable, Tara has created a look that is a perfect representation of the character, as well as what many people thought was punk rock in the mid-‘80s, down to the pink faux-hawk. What could be a very campy character actually looks, dare we say, badass in this cosplay.


Roadblock Gi Joe Cosplay

Following in the footsteps of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is no easy feat. Even though Roadblock is a Joe with a ton of history, most people will only think of The Rock’s portrayal of the character from G.I. Joe: Retaliation. That’s what makes this Roadblock cosplay so special. Not only is it a great representation of the character, but it might actually be better than The Rock. And that’s no small praise.

Sure, The Rock looks incredible as Roadblock in the live-action film, but this cosplayer by the name of Raymond fully inhabits the character, in one picture, in a way that Johnson just can’t. The look on his face, the details in the costume and, of course, the massive gun just make Raymond look like the Roadblock that fans truly deserve.


Storm Shadow Cosplay El Saint

Storm Shadow could easily be written off as the Cobra version of Snake Eyes, but he’s so much more than that. He has a storied history that is far too complicated to summarize in this entry. However, his costume is right up there with Snake Eyes as one of the most iconic to ever grace a G.I. Joe comic, TV series or movie. Well, maybe not in the movies.

What cosplayer El-Saint does with this amazing Storm Shadow costume is pretty incredible. He mixes the older look of the character, with his classic costume, and updates it just a little in all the right ways. While some might be partial to Storm Shadow’s white fatigues and hood, the classic ninja-esque look is how most people picture the character. El-Saint created a costume that doesn’t just look accurate, it also looks functional.


Destro and Cobra Commander Cosplays

When you think of Cobra characters, the first two that probably come to mind are Cobra Commander and Destro. They are at the heart and (lack of) soul that sums up Cobra in just about every iteration of the group. Both are also characters that have always had iconic costumes and designs. While Cobra Commander has gone through some costume changes over time, most people think of his metal shielded face. And Destro…well Destro just has always had a chrome head.

These two unknown cosplayers do both characters justice, and that’s no easy task.

Cobra Commander looks perfect, with some really impressive tailoring and construction that went into this costume. Destro is by far one of the most difficult Joe characters to cosplay because people just can’t figure out his head. This cosplayer goes for a realistic chrome mask that, obviously, won’t move, but looks great in still images like this. Overall, these are two really great cosplays in the same picture. Not too shabby.


Lady Jaye Cosplay

Lady Jaye, along with perhaps Duke, is a character that doesn’t have flashy clothes or an iconic design. She’s just the all-around, capable soldier that gets the job done and doesn’t need a skimpy outfit or gimmick to do it. The closest thing that Lady Jaye has that would qualify as a recognizable design element is her…ample assets. So to really capture the essence of Lady Jaye, a cosplayer has to tread lightly and not go too far.

That’s what makes the Lady Jaye cosplay by Biothief does expertly. Not only does the costume look like a modern Lady Jaye, but the upper area is tasteful, yet recognizable as the female Joe. She looks great and in just a partial image, encapsulates Lady Jaye very well.


Road Pig Cosplay

You may not immediately know the character of Road Pig, but you should. Sure, he’s a member of the biker/punk Cobra gang known as the Dreadknocks and carries a hammer made from a cinder block, but that’s just the beginning. According to canon, upon birth, Road Pig was declared the ugliest baby ever seen. He was kicked out of kindergarten for extorting milk money, and also kicked out of the Cub Scouts. Best of all is how poor Road pig was kicked out of an out-law gang because of his terrible body odor.

Wth an incredible backstory like that, why hasn’t he been featured in any live-action films?

With that type of history, you can’t expect anyone to cosplay as Road Pig with 100% sincerity. Clearly, this cosplayer knows what’s what when he cosplayed as Road Pig. The costume is actually incredibly accurate, but it’s the overall look that fits the character perfectly. Not to throw shade, but this is definitely the look of a guy that would come up with a milk money extortion scheme.


Serpentor Cosplay

Serpentor is a G.I. Joe character that is full-on weird. Created as a clone from excavated DNA, Serpentor is meant to be the greatest Cobra leader ever imagined. He was actually created to be the perfect man to lead the terrorist group to world domination. Oh yeah, and he dresses like a snake, which admittedly is a bit on the nose, but Joe has never been one for subtlety.

Cosplayer Lorenna does an incredible job of doing a gender-swapped Serpentor, which is hands-down better than most male versions of the character. Just look at the detail in the scale-work on the costume. It’s really great. She has taken a campy, weird character from Joe lore and made it into someone that doesn’t look as silly as you might expect a person dressing as a snake would look. We never thought we’d say this about a person dressing as a snake, but Serpentor looks pretty darn great.


Alley Viper GI Joe Cosplay

Introduced in 1989, the Alley Viper characters are pretty much that era personified. It was a time when bright neon colors were all the rage. So, why not make a trooper wear orange and blue bright fatigues and call it “urban?” The Alley Vipers were silly and forgettable to most people, except one cosplayer.

This is unabashedly late-‘80s/early-‘90s.

A cosplayer by the name of Jason has taken the ridiculous design of the Alley Vipers and made it reality. With this cosplay, nothing has been toned down or modernized at all. Could you imagine this soldier roaming the streets of your city? He would be laughed at, instantly. That didn’t stop Jason from making what is arguably one of the the most accurate and well-crafted G.I. Joe cosplay ever seen. Your first instinct might be to cringe, but take a closer look and you can see just how much work went into what is easily one of the lesser-known Joe characters.


Jinx GI Joe Cosplay

You could easily write-off Jinx as just the red, female version of Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, and you’d be… right, actually. Honestly, while her character has changed quite a bit over the years, it’s clear that she was created as just the female Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, with a new coat of paint. That being said, she is also one of the major characters in the live-action G.I. Joe: Retaliation, played by Elektra herself, Elodie Yung.

It’s that version of the character that cosplayer Rebecca does such a great job mimicking. Her red costume is simple, yet perfect for Jinx. But the real selling point on this cosplay is the action being seen in the picture. Seeing her leap at a Cobra soldier is just incredible. It really brings to life what could be just another decent cosplay.


Doctor Mindbender Cosplay

Doctor Mindbender is the classic evil, mad scientist. However, he didn’t start out that way. Dr. Bender, as he was known, was an orthodontist hoping to develop a revolutionary machine that would alleviate dental pain using brainwave stimulation. As these types of experiments go, the machine went a little crazy and turned Bender into an evil scientist. Now, the simple orthodontist is an evil, fascist scientist, using the power of mind control to hurt Joes.

One of the biggest omissions from that description of the character is the absolutely nutso costume he wears. If you could picture a mad scientist, he probably wouldn’t be shirtless and sporting a cape, right? How about bright purple pants? Probably not. But Doctor Mindbender looks exactly like this cosplay seen here, down to the hairy chest, large mustache and evil monocle. While this is the type of cosplay that would draw snickers from those who don’t understand who Mindbender is, G.I. Joe fans would be in awe at the way this cosplayer truly captures one of Joe’s craziest villains.


Blowtorch GI Joe Cosplay

Blowtorch is pretty much the most on-the-nose character in G.I. Joe’s storied history. Everything you would think about a character named Blowtorch is accurate. Yes, he carries a blowtorch and is proficient in all forms of flame and fire-based weaponry. And yes, he wears a fireproof suit with flame-inspired coloring.

The only thing that could make the character more obvious would be if his name was Brian Lowtorch.

Silliness aside, the costume and character are pretty iconic in Joe’s lore. That makes this cosplay so nice to look at. Without a doubt, the bright yellow is immediately silly and very, truly yellow. The red accents and padding are also there, looking oddly placed. What pushes the cosplay over the edge into awesomeness is the fact that this picture was posed in front of a large weapon. It’s clear, judging by the cars parked and people walking in the background, that this is some public monument where the cosplayer thought his Blowtorch costume would truly come to life. We have to admit, we’re digging the cannon.


Scarlett Cosplay Joe Colton

Cosplayer Joe Colton is pretty well-known among the G.I. Joe cosplay community. She has, over the years, cosplayed as just about every female character, and a few of the male ones as well. Perhaps her most recognizable cosplay, and what put her on the G.I. Joe map, is her version of Scarlett, seen here.

This cosplay is one of the single-best G.I. Joe cosplays you’ll ever see. The character of Scarlett has a few key characteristics that any cosplay needs to highlight. First, the red hair needs to be there. Next, she needs the signature yellow and blue costume that might not make any military sense, but looks pretty awesome nonetheless. And finally, she needs the crossbow. As you see in this cosplay, Colton has all those elements and they’re done to perfection. It goes to show you just how far off the costume department was when they were designing the live-action film costumes. They should have just copied this for Rachel Nichols character.


Bazooka GI Joe Cosplay

There are questions in life that we may never know the answer to. What’s the meaning of life? Is there life after death? And why does G.I. Joe’s character Bazooka wear a football jersey? Honestly, these are the questions that will keep people up at night. Bazooka is a character that, you guessed it, carries a bazooka around everywhere he goes. He also, for some reason, wears a football jersey. You would think that an elite force like G.I. Joe would have rules against such casual outfits. Alas, no such luck.

All kidding aside, you have to love this Bazooka cosplay. The unknown cosplayer fully commits to the absurdity of the character with the bushy mustache, the army helmet, and the legendary jersey. While his trademark bazooka isn’t as impressive as you might imagine it should be, he still has one. Maybe this one is just a more compact version, but still packs the same punch? We don’t know.

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