10 Best Fate Series Cosplays That Look Exactly Like The Characters

It's a Fate world and we are just living in it. No one thought a niche visual novel by a small company like Type-Moon would take off the way it did. Since then, this tale of swords and sorcery featuring the greatest heroes of yore in modern times has captured the minds and attention of several anime lovers throughout the world. Now a multimedia giant, the franchise is comprised of various anime, phone games, and light novels that have turned Type-Moon into one of the most profitable companies in Japan.

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Of course, with that acclaim comes the fans, and with those fans, comes the cosplay. These people gather around the convention hall to show off their fabric, foam, plastic, and metalwork to other fans just like them. And if they do an excellent job, they might just end up looking exactly like the character...

10 Saber Artoria By Shiraga Yanko

What better place to start than with the face of the Fate franchise. There since the very beginning, this blonde knight has been the character most associated with anything related to Grail Wars, Servants, and Noble Phantasms. By far this genderbent version of King Arthur is one of the most beloved characters in the franchise.

And Shiraga Yanko does the little king justice. Every bit as regal as the character, it is obvious that she made every effort to make that armor look as realistic as possible. That's not to discount her choice in fabric, a soft but bold material that seems to scream royalty.

9 First Hassan By Handi Cosplay

Look out for this guy in the new anime. If everything goes as planned he should eventually rear his frightening head sometime in the anime version of Fate/Grand Order - Absolute Demonic Battlefront Babylonia.  Like all the other Hassan before him, he is an Assassin servant that is a master of stealth. Unlike them, he is just as good in a face-to-face confrontation as he is at assassination.

Thanks to Handi Cosplay, his fearsome visage is now safe to see outside of the cell phone and television screen. Wearing him like a Gundam cosplayer wears a Gundam suit, he was seen roaming the halls of Anime Expo 2019 even in the dark. The little lights in his eyes terrifying and delighting all those that bumped into him after hours.

8 Archer Emiya By Adriatan

Archer, Counter Guardian, Iron-Wrought Hero, and Emiya - the first Archer in the Fate franchise goes by many names and titles, but to the fans, he is known as one of the coolest male characters in the franchise. Originally shrouded in mystery, he is eventually revealed to be a bigger and badder version of Shirou Emiya who took his wide-eyed idealism to its tragic end. Eventually forming a contract with Gaia to become a Counter Guardian.

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The love Adriatan has for the character is quite obvious in the costume. No amount of detail is left unaccounted for in bringing our favorite archer to life to the point where he even supplied his own angsty expression to the costume.

7 Rider Medusa By Aris

Our last solo entry from the original Fate/Stay Night. This version of Rider is a rare treat indeed. One of the few that dared to depict the lovely Gorgon without her eye guard and with her Noble Phantasm on full display. Her beautiful eyes hiding a vicious power that'll turn almost anyone into stone.

Deadly, strong, and gorgeous, Aris brings out every bit of the character from the visual novel. Giving people a good look at the deadly Gorgon of Greek myth. Just avoid the eyes or you might find yourself turning into stone.

6 Assassin Emiya By OSYA

This is not Archer Emiya as an Assassin Servant. Neither it is some form of Shirou looking to enact self-assisted suicide. It's actually an alternative version of Kiritsugu Emiya from Fate/Zero who made the same deal with Gaia that Archer Emiya did to become a Counter Guardian. Now forced to work as a defender of Earth with no autonomy of his own.

Cloaked in shadows as he should be, OSYA brings this tragic Servant from Fate/Grand Order to life. Their attention to detail only surpassed by where they chose to take the picture. The cosplayer seemingly hunting their prey in the back allies of a modern city.

5 Scathach By Shiro Cosplay

The gatekeeper of the Land of Shadows, this Celtic woman is the great mentor of another popular Servant in the franchise, Cu Chulainn. Every bit as deadly as her student, she is a master at Runecraft and spear fighting as well as the original owner of the Gáe Bolg. A spear that can bend causality to make sure it hits a target's heart.

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Here we have Shiro Cosplay seemingly staring a hole right through the viewer. Forcing them to stare right back at her and focus on her somber expression. A great take on the Scathach who wishes for someone to end her immortality by killing her.

4 Saint Martha By Starbuxx

Saint Martha is one of the most famous Saints in the Catholic Church and the Type-Moon universe. One of the few Saints that actually met the Messiah, she became a woman of faith who eventually subdued the great dragon Tarasque with her sacred powers. While seemingly the perfect Saint on the outside, the Fateverse version hides the fact that she is a bit rough around the edges and enjoys a good fistfight.

Stabuxx's version of the character seems to focus on her more saintly side. A staunch defender of the faith, she wears a determined expression that goes well with her outfit. She makes it hard to tell that the Fateverse version of the character is highly implied to have punched the Tarasque into submission.

3 Manservice By Billy Blue And Co.

You've heard of fanservice, so how about MANservice!?!? This quartet of cosplayers taking Comiket by storm by their full frontal rendition of each character. Each drawing quite the huge crowd at the celebration of fan comics that occurs twice a year.

And why wouldn't they? Not only do they have the physiques down, but the outfits are basically a perfect recreation of each character. From left to right they are Yan Qing by ken, Kintoki by Billy Blue, Gilgamesh, and Cu Chulainn. Unfortunately, the last two are hard to track down, but if you have any information on them please let us know.

2 Jeanne Alter By ColaGin

Jeanne Alter is a corrupted version of the original Jeanne from the Fate/Apocrypha. Unlike the saint, she is a much darker version of the character who is a member of the unconventional Avenger class of Servants. Because of her class and her unnatural summoning, she wishes to take revenge on all those who burned Jeanne at the stake. But despite her nature, there are still hints of affection and kindness.

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ColaGin knocks this costume right out of the park! Everything is damn near perfect. From her outfit to the presentation, she seems to lock right onto the darker parts of the character with this picture of Jeanne Alter being summoned. Which I'm sure is a treat for the Master, since she is one of the most wanted Servants in Fate/Grand Order.

1 Tamamo No Mae by Ely

A character from Type-Moon's first foray into video games, Tamamo is one of the playable servants in Fate/Extra. An RPG game for the PSP that has the player go through a virtual version of a Holy Grail War against 127 other masters. Tamamo the playable caster of the game.

Playful, energetic, and most of all cheerful, Ely takes those traits and channels them all into this photoshoot. The location perfect as she is surrounded by Japanese accessories to fully accentuate the character's Japanese origin. Most of all the outfit is on point. The colors are just about right, and the outfit itself shaped to look exactly like the outfit in the game. Most importantly, she made sure to include the ears to properly cosplay this literal foxy lady.

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