The Best Spider-Man LEGO Sets to Buy Before Far From Home

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Spider-Man is about to swing back into theaters everywhere for his next solo cinematic outing Spider-Man: Far From Home, one of the most eagerly anticipated films of the summer. The upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film has inspired its own wave of tie-in merchandising, including LEGO sets loosely recreating scenes from the movie.

Since the last few years have seen a plethora of Spider-Man LEGO sets, CBR is breaking down some of the best Spider-Man LEGO sets, whether they're inspired by the film or one of his other marvelous adventures.

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Spider-Man: Hydro-Man Attack


Far From Home has Spider-Man and Mysterio team up during Peter Parker's school trip to Europe to stop a destructive new group of beings known as Elementals. One of these destructive entities is the fearsome Hydro-Man.

The Spider-Man: Hydro-Man Attack LEGO set recreates Hydro-Man surfacing in Venice, fighting Peter Parker in his civilian gear and Mysterio, while MJ watches from one of the Italian city's famed gondolas navigating the canals.

Spider-Man Car Chase


While Norman Osborn and the Green Goblin are not expected to make an appearance in Far From Home, there have been lingering rumors that Marvel Studios is looking to cast the Oscorp CEO and longtime Spider-Man villain for some time.

With that in mind, the LEGO Spider-Man Car Chase set sees Spidey in his custom ride, the Spider-Mobile racing against the Green Goblin in a running battle between the two. Here's to hoping Peter Parker's connections to Stark Industries in the MCU makes the possibility of a live-action Spider-Mobile a reality.

Spider-Man: Molten Man Battle

Molten Man Lego


Joining Hydro-Man as one of the Elementals rampaging across Europe is the fire-based villain Molten Man, who attacks another major city and forces Peter and Mysterio to leap into action. Comprised primarily of magma, the villain towers over the streets, incorporating parts of the landscape into his body and a hand that can shoot flaming projectiles.

The LEGO Spider-Man: Molten Man Battle set depicts Mysterio and Spider-Man, in his new stealth suit, fighting the fiery villain, with a firefighter caught in the crossfire.

Spider-Man: Spider-Mech vs. Venom


For years, there's been speculation about whether Tom Hardy's Venom and Tom Holland's Spider-Man will ever cross paths on the big screen. Even Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has since admitted a crossover between the two properties on the big screen is likely.

In the meantime, the Spider-Man: Spider-Mech vs. Venom LEGO set teases a potential crossover, with epic implications as Spider-Man confronts the towering symbiote antihero after he's taken Aunt May hostage. Even Gwen Stacy's Ghost Spider, the hero formerly known as Spider-Gwen, is included in the action, taking on Venom on a rocket-propelled skateboard. Fingers crossed this sequence makes it into a live-action film.

Spider-Man: Far From Home Stark Jet

Stark Jet Lego


Two of the MCU's earliest mainstays returning in Far From Home are Nick Fury and Happy Hogan, and both are featured in the LEGO Far From Home Stark Jet set, joining Spider-Man and Mysterio in a mid-flight action sequence.

The set shows Happy piloting the Stark Industries private jet as its attacked by two drones. While Fury and Spidey team up to help defend the aircraft, the jet features a set of its own weapons to protect itself. The real question is: Is Mysterio another defender or leading the drone strike himself?

Spider-Man Ghost Rider Team Up


After joining Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Ghost Rider has his own Hulu series on the way. While it's unclear if Robbie Reyes will ever team-up with his big screen counterparts, the character hinted at the existence of another Ghost Rider in Johnny Blaze.

The LEGO Spider-Man Ghost Rider Team Up set has Johnny Blaze and Spidey joining forces to stop the deadly Hobgoblin, armed with his glider and flaming pumpkin bombs. The set marks the web-slinger and supernatural biker teaming up in what hopefully could translate to the MCU someday.

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