The Best Dragon Ball Super Funko Pops (and Where to Buy Them)

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After thrilling millions of fans over the world for decades, the latest installment of Akira Toriyama's hit manga and anime franchise is Dragon Ball Super, which continues the adventures of Goku and his friends as they face increasingly more powerful fighters across the Dragon Ball Multiverse. Inspiring its own wave of merchandise, the sequel anime series has similarly received its own line of enduring, popular Funko Pop! figures.

Now, here are some of the best figures in the bestselling, stylized line, featuring both the heroes and villains of the action-packed anime series.

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Ultra Instinct Goku

Ultra Instinct Goku pop


Dragon Ball has been filled with its characters reaching new levels of power signaled by increasingly more epic transformations. Over the course of Dragon Ball Super, Goku attains three all new transformations with the final and most powerful being Ultra Instinct. Seen in the Tournament of Power concluding the anime series, the heightened state turns Goku's hair and eyes into a brilliant, shining silver.

Funko has released a Pop! figure of Goku in the mastered Ultra Instinct form, in control of the new transformation as he fights the alternate universe champion Jiren for the fate of his own in the climactic bout of the martial arts competition in all his silvery, bare-chested glory.

Master Roshi


Master Roshi has been a martial arts teacher to many of the franchise's characters, including Goku, whom he taught his signature move the Kamehameha Wave. A heroic fighter for much of the original Dragon Ball series, Roshi largely kept to the sidelines during Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT only to return in a major way during Dragon Ball Super.

Selected to join the Universe 7 team during the Tournament of Power, Roshi played a pivotal role, eliminating much more powerful opponents while revealing previously unseen levels of strength during the contest of champions. Roshi's Super Funko Pop! figure shows him augmenting his power with visibly increased muscle mass as he charges up a Kamehameha Wave.

Super Saiyan God Vegito Super Saiyan


Dragon Ball Z introduced the concept that two different individuals could use different techniques to fuse into a single, composite warrior. One of these techniques involve the use of mythical Potara earrings to combine fighters, with Goku and Vegeta using the earrings to merge together to form the powerful Vegito.

Vegito makes his return in Super when the two Saiyans merge to fight the alternate future threat Zamasu who continues to find levels of power as the battle escalates. Fusing into Vegito once again, the merged fighter transforms in Goku and Vegeta's highest level at that time, Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, shortened to Super Saiyan Blue. Now, Funko has released a Pop! figure of Vegito in this unbeatable form.




One of the most fearsome villains introduced in Super is the evil Zamasu, a rogue god that attempts to reshape the Dragon Ball Multiverse in his image, invading the alternate future timeline where Future Trunks resides with his mother.

The sneering, green villain would eventually face Goku and Vegeta, initially possessing the body of an alternate reality Goku before facing the Saiyans in a future version of himself and proving more than a match for them, even as they transformed into Super Saiyan Blue. Funko's Pop! figure for Zamasu shows the villain in his normal state with his Potara earrings foreshadowing his eventual fusion with Goku Black to form a merged, evil being.

Super Saiyan Rose Goku

Rose Goku


When Goku Black, the alternate timeline Goku possessed by a version of Zamasu, first emerges, the villainous doppelgänger appears in his normal, untransformed state. Still formidable, he discovers that when Goku and Vegeta transform into Super Saiyan Blue, their augmented power levels surpasses his own. To that end, Goku Black undergoes a similar transformation that results in his hair turning bright pink due to his body's connection with Zamasu which the villain dubs Super Saiyan Rose.

Funko has released a Pop! figure of Goku Black transformed into Super Saiyan Rose, ready for action with his signature energy hand blade ready and a visible Potara earring hinting at his fusion.




Arriving on Earth with the God of Destruction, Beerus, Whis is an angelic being who serves as Beerus' attendant and teacher. Since his debut at the beginning of Super, Whis barely leaves Beerus' side though he does take the time to train both Goku and Vegeta, helping them obtain their Super Saiyan Blue forms.

Whis has received his own Funko Pop! figure, sternly awaiting an unseen student as he holds his trusty staff, ready to reveal untold levels of power and combat wisdom.

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