10 Best Digimon Cosplays To Make You Nostalgic

Digimon has been an active community for 20 years since its debut on television screens and keychain-based pet simulators. In that time a fanbase has developed full of people who come to the show with adoration and respect. One way to show that respect is through various forms of art.

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The art focused on today is cosplay. If you don’t know what cosplay, you are lying, but it is the act of dressing up as a character/person from any form of media. The most commonly discussed cosplays right now are My Hero Academia and Marvel, but this article is going to focus on Digimon cosplays, in no particular order.

10 Aldamon by @ryu_no_artist

The third Spirit Digivolution of Takuya Kanbara from Digimon Frontier, Aldamon is the merging of the human and beast evolutions. German cosplayer @ryu_no_artist (Ryu for short) debuted her Aldamon cosplay back in 2017.

The cosplay is delicately crafted by hand. Her mask was done with several layers of plastic and shaped foam that was colored. One of her proudest pieces on the outfit are the open wings which took a lot of work to make happen. Seeing this beast walk down the hallway towering over other cosplayers is amazing. It feels just real enough in our hearts to replace the fact that we can’t Digivolve ourselves.

9 Gallantmon by @thelegacychain

Italian cosplayer @thelegacychain has been showing off this cosplay since last year, but it has made an impact on the community. Cosplaying Gallantmon, the final stage evolution of Guilmon from Digimon Tamers, he put a lot of attention on the details of the cosplay.

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While the bulk of the cosplay presents some obvious challenges, it is necessary to get the full effect of the cosplay across. The face is a great point of interest because it is a full mask with the anime-styled facial features, including eyes, rather than the cosplayer’s real face. It truly brings the cosplay alive.

8 Zephyrmon and Lowemon by @nana_tatsunagi and @blackfeatherkaty

This one is a twofer as both are so good and in the same picture. Germany-based cosplayers @nana_tatsunagi makes a great Zephyrmon and @blackfeatherkaty makes a great Lowemon. Both characters are from Digimon Frontier, which is why they are so humanoid already, but just like Aldamon, who has appeared with them before, the characters are truly lifelike thanks to the efforts of the cosplayers.

Zephyrmon is @nana_tatsunagi’s dream cosplay and she does an amazing job with it. From a wig with feathered wings branching out to the 3D printed and working Digivice, the cosplay goes above and beyond. Both of them would be welcome onto any Digimon Team.

7 Beelzemon Blast Mode by @pncosplay

Beelzemon, the Mega-level form of Impmon from Digimon Tamers, is a tragic character in the show. Believing only pain and harm makes people powerful, he kills Jeri’s partner Digimon, Leomon, and then finds out that love is something that can help him. This cosplay also learned that love is a key component to life because it is made with love.

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The effort that @pncosplay has put into the cosplay is amazing. The wings, tail, and blaster arm are all mechanized. The wings move up and down and the tail independently moves. Each piece is made by the very capable hands of a talented cosplayer.

6 LadyDevimon by @ladyraccoon_cosplay

Introduced as the antithesis of Angewoman during the Dark Masters arc of Digimon Adventure, LadyDevimon became an instant fan favorite, even returning in Adventure 02 and later, Digimon Fusion. Due to her popularity, she is a top choice for Digimon cosplayers.

While many people have done LadyDevimon, @ladyraccoon_cosplay takes it a step farther by making an incredibly accurate cosplay. Many cosplayers will ignore small parts, but this one included the tiny face on the neck, which is cool and creepy in all the right ways. Hearing that the cosplayer wanted to be like LadyDevimon, strong and able to be a bit of a jerk, makes the result that much more potent.

5 Angemon by @ashdejoinvillecosplay

If you were a fan of Digimon Adventure, you likely have some kind of feelings about Angemon. His beautiful gracing of the screen for only a minute before sacrificing his life for the DigiDestined was a tear-jerking moment for viewers.

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Seeing this cosplay of Angemon by @ashdejoinvillecosplay brings those memories front and center. What really ties this cosplay together are the accessories. The wings are great and attached very well, and his staff is very cool. He looks just like the hero that stopped Devimon all those years ago. We just need to hear him yell “I’ll stop you,” or “Hand of Fate!”

4 Myotismon by @thanatuscosplay

Everyone loves a good villain, and based on the number of times that he has returned, Myotismon is one of them. The main antagonist in the Myotismon arc, he is a terrifying vampire-based Digimon intent on ruling the world.

While @thanatuscosplay might not want world domination, it would be easy to believe with this cosplay. The cosplay is so accurate to the comics it might as well be the character come to life (and it wouldn’t be the first time). The best addition to the cosplay has to be the chained up Gatomon. It brings that extra bit of flair that makes it work so well.

3 WarGreymon by @ericwindrunner

WarGreymon, one of the saving graces of the original DigiDestined, has seen it’s fair share of love from the fan base. As the Digimon partner of the original goggle-boy, he had a lot of power both in and out of the series. One of his fans just happened to go above and beyond, creating an impressive cosplay of the fighting Digimon.

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This cosplay works so well for @ericwindrunner, a cosplayer known for doing beefy characters, which includes WarGreymon. The claws and legs are exactly what they look like in the anime and overall, the cosplay looks like an action figure. He almost makes Digivolution look real, almost.

2 Wizardmon by @echo.gecko

If you don’t feel emotions at seeing Wizardmon, you might not be a true fan of Digimon. Known best for giving up his life for Kari and Gatomon, whom he loved, Wizardmon isn’t even technically a Digimon, but he is in our hearts. This Wizardmon by @echo.gecko is alive and thriving.

The cosplay looks amazing and the attention to detail really makes it stand out. The staff she is using is handcrafted from PVC pipes, clay, and paint. Thankfully she detailed her process so others could see the amount of work put in. Wizardmon sacrificed his life for Kari and Gatomon but @echo.gecko sacrificed her time for Wizardmon.

1 Angewoman by @kysmet.cos

Angewoman is one of the most well known Digimon characters in cosplay circuits. The amount of cool, collected and powerful female characters are, sadly, few and far between. Angemon, the evolved form of Gatomon, is a female angel Digimon that was crucial to taking down several main villains in Digimon Adventure and Adventure 02.

Cosplayer @kysmet.cos did a fantastic job creating this stunning cosplay. From her wings, which are set on a belt via PVC piping, to her helmet/face mask which was able to be pulled up and down thanks to a magnet system she made herself, the whole cosplay is effective and functional. In a live-action adaptation of Digimon, this had better be the standard for her look.

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