10 Best Demon Slayer Cosplays That Look Exactly Like the Characters

Crunchyroll's hit new anime Demon Slayer (also known as Kimetsu no Yaiba) is a rising star in the anime world. Feeling reminiscent of InuYasha or Bleach, this anime explores the journey of a mountain boy turned master swordsman Tanjiro and his quest to return his demon sister Nezuko back into human form. Tanjiro lives in quite a world; he moves from the snowy mountains to early 1900s Tokyo and beyond, and Japan is slowly modernizing in the new century. But even with telephone poles and train appearing, demons and other ancient evils still lurk.

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Now it's time for cosplay! Any popular anime will get its fair share of cosplayers, and some costumes, wigs, and contact lenses look convincing enough to earn a spot on a movie set. Many cosplayers like to share their creations on Instagram, and that includes Demon Slayer. Let's browse some of the finest Demon Slayer cosplays out there.

10 Shinobu

This  young woman is one of the nine Hashira, or the elite demon slayers who rank above the rest. You wouldn't guess it, though, from her charming feminine looks and her soft-spoken demeanor. Not to mention her butterfly theme. Still, she's a Hashira for a reason; Shinobu is beautiful and deadly, and an immaculate professional, too. Demons beware! This cosplayer captured every fine detail of this character, starting with the black outfit that serves as the base for all demon slayer uniforms. Next, the cosplayer added Shinobu's trademark pink butterfly-themed robe, and an excellent wig and wisteria setting complete this eye-popping cosplay.

9 Muzan Kibutsuji

Some fans have joked that the arch-villain of Demon Slayer looks a lot like 1980s and 1990s Michael Jackson, with similar hair and tilted hat. At any rate, Muzan strikes a quietly imposing presence. He's not loud or aggressive in most scenarios, and Tanjiro met him on the street where he blended in perfectly with human society. As for cosplay, this outfit is simple but effective, and it captures Muzan's pragmatic look. Most striking are not only the great hat and confident sneer, but those contacts! That shade of red, and the vertical pupils, are very convincing. Demons aren't really real... are they...?

8 Kanao Tsuyuri

This young woman is a major player in the Demon Slayer Corps, even if she is not one of the nine Hashiras. Kanae had a tragic background as a child slave, but soon found salvation at the hands of Shinobu. Now, although not terribly sociable, she is a skilled trainer and soon showed Tanjiro that his skills had a ways to go. Here, this cosplayer is wearing some high quality robes, and she's got a prop butterfly to complete the effect. Not to mention how her hair is perfectly combed, and her coy smile is quite alluring. What's she thinking about?

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7 Giyu Tomioka

The Demon Slayer known as Giyu Tomioka has a few distinctions. He is the first slayer that Tanjiro ever came across, and it was his presence that inspired Tanjiro to become one himself. Not only that, but he stands as the water user among the nine Hashira, making him a top-of-the-line warrior. He's also known for his unique half and half robes, with red on the right and gold and blue patterns on the left. This cosplayer captured it all, down to the finest details on his katana and the silver buttons on his uniform. The natural background harkens back to the forest battle where we first met him.

6 Nezuko

And now, the darling of Demon Slayer: Nezuko! The Internet simply adores her, from her fighting skills to her petite (or "smol") form that allows her to fit in Tanjiro's backpack-box. But poor Nezuko is a tragic figure, as she was converted into a demon when another demon mauled her family (and Tanjiro was in town). She is rejected by demons and humans alike, and Nezuko roams early-1900s Japan in the shadows until she can restore her humanity. This cosplay is top notch, and gives Nezuko a break as she poses indoors in a lush Japanese setting. Her robes are gorgeous, and the bamboo muzzle looks just right, too. This cosplay really captures Nezuko's innocent side, which sets her apart from other demons.

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5 Be My Valentine

Nezuko is such a darling, she gets to appear in this list again! This time, we get a scenario cosplay, where Nezuko contemplates her suitor, Zenitsu. In the anime, Zenitsu is generally a fraidy-cat, but he can unlock a powerful lightning-based fighting form if he's backed into a corner. And in between fights, he's really got a soft spot for Nezuko! The cosplayers here did a great job capturing that, from Zenitsu's timidly offered flower (and blushing effect) to Nezuko's curious expression, complete with a question mark. It's like the manga come to life!

4 Spider Demon Mom

Even demons can have a semblance of a family if they really try, and the deadly spider demons of the forest have assembled into a rather dysfunctional family unit. One of the lower demons, a spider boy named Rui, is in fact one of the elite Moons demons. This cosplayer did a fine job with the right makeup and wig to recreate the "mother" demon, complete with spiderweb-like hair, eerie pale skin, and all the red spots and lines that form her facial markings. And the eye contacts! Those aren't human eyes... those are the eyes of a spider!

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3 Zenitsu is prepared to fight

"Fight or flight." Those is the typical dual responses to danger, and Zenitsu does plenty of both! Despite joining the Demon Slayer Corps, the blondie Zenitsu is quirk to shirk away from battle, and this often leaves Tanjiro to fight on his own. But when all the chips are down, Zenitsu is capable of surprising battlefield feats. Now, this cosplayer captured both sides of Zenitsu, not only with a high quality robe and uniform, but also a sword that's nearly fully drawn. And the expression says "I'd rather not do this, but I think I must...!" Zenitsu, 100%.

2 Tanjiro

It isn't Demon Slayer cosplay without the hero himself! Tanjiro has a rather distinctive appearance even among all these colorful characters, such as his green and black checkered robe, solid black sword, slicked back red hair, and of course, his forehead burn scar. We've got a cosplayer who captured all of those details just right, and his pose suggests "hero at the ready." The earrings are looking good too, and the blue background gives this an air of mystery. What adventure lies ahead?

1 Inosuke

And now, for the final member of Tanjiro's merry band of demon slayers. Inosuke is a wild young man who makes his own rules, and he loves nothing more than a good fight. He's a sore loser, though, and can't stand the idea of showing weakness. Most distinctive is his boar head mask, hiding his oddly effeminate face. This cosplayer shows off both sides of the character, complete with a high quality and convincing replica of his boar mask, not to mention a wig that's the exact right color and style. The contact lenses are pretty convincing, too.

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