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Dankpool: 15 Deadpool Memes That Killed It

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Dankpool: 15 Deadpool Memes That Killed It

Wade Wilson is practically a walking meme, so it makes perfect sense that he’d be the subject of so many funny internet pictures. When the Merc with a Mouth got his own movie in 2016, the popularity of Deadpool exploded, and complete internet domination was only a chimichanga away. Yes, comic fans have loved the fourth wall-breaking wise guy for years, but when Deadpool made it onto the big screen, the whole world woke up to how awesome he is.

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As you’ll see below, Deadpool knows his way around a meme. Often the punchline to a joke, occasionally providing the humor to otherwise more serious situations, sometimes poking fun at the idea of a meme itself, Wade Wilson is the perfect character to be the focus of the short, punchy, often extremely inappropriate gags we crave. That’s basically his whole deal! So often are comics panels with him in shared far and wide, completely out of context, because they’re hilarious. That’s not enough for some fans though, so we here at CBR have taken on the enviable job of trawling through joke after joke to find you the funniest, the best, the Dankest Deadpool memes on the internet. You’re welcome.


The idea of Nick Fury giving Deadpool his personal number is funny before you even get to the content of the messages, but when you actually read their exchange, it’s even better. Of course Deadpool is going to steal a helicarrier — the only thing surprising is that it’s not a storyline that has come up in the comics!

It seems that Tony Stark isn’t the only one to have humorous concerns about Fury’s eyepatch, but even Deadpool knows what’s up. Still, the fact that Nick Fury is such a serious guy makes his interactions with Wade Wilson even funnier in the comics, so it’s no surprise they’d have the same dynamic here. He’s almost the perfect foil for Deadpool, really. Plus, he has easily stealable helicarriers, and now has an affectionate nickname that is sure to catch on, isn’t that right Wink-Man?


Sometimes, Tumblr comments provide way funnier moments than the joke they’re commenting on. Take this image, for example — three layers that get funnier and funnier. The idea of Deadpool and Spider-Man taking a test together is pretty cute — you can imagine they’re high school classmates — but the comments are even better. The first imagines a conversation between the two of them (which is fairly accurate, frankly) and the second picks up on the funniest moment you missed at first and can’t now unsee.

If you think of these two together in class, it’s obvious that Spidey would be the smart one and Deadpool would be the clown — that’s basically the entire premise of their comic Spider-Man/Deadpool after all. It’s the attention to detail — like the scissors and the absurd bow ties — that tip this meme over the edge into downright hilarious.


If only we lived in a world where Deadpool, Batman and Pokemon existed simultaneously. Let’s face it: Wade lives so far beyond the fourth wall in his own head that he probably knows all about the other franchises anyway, and there’s no way he wouldn’t love them as much as we would.

Deadpool would not only love Pokemon, but Pikachu would most likely be his favorite one: he seems cute and funny at first, but he’s got an attitude and doesn’t mind inflicting a lot of pain. When you think about it, that could describe either Wade or Pikachu. We’re not looking to open a debate about which Pokemon would be Deadpool’s favorite; instead, we’re simply saying that at the very least, Wade would have the original 151 memorized, and while Pikachu’s ears are strangely like Batman’s cowl, ‘Pool would know the difference.


It’s the Circle of Life! Admit it, if you came across a little chibi version of Spider-Man, you’d want to re-enact this very scene from The Lion King; you’re just mad Deadpool beat you to it! The dynamic between Spidey and Wade is strained at the best of times, but the idea of Peter being lifted up like a newborn by the proud papa that is Deadpool is enough to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Well, anyone’s but chibi Spider-Man, because judging by that picture, he is not happy. His fists are tightly clenched and even though he’s shorter than the Spider-Man we know and love, he could probably still kick Wade’s butt, so he’s dicing with death here. ‘Pool needs to stop… Lion… to himself and realize that this is not how you treat your friends. Their relationship should be the… Mane… priority to him, and acts like only hurt Spidey’s… Pride.


Wolverine does not suffer fools gladly, and Old Man Logan is even more cantankerous than his younger self, so there’s no way that this image isn’t absolutely accurate to how things would go if Deadpool hopped across to the Logan movie. The fact is, Deadpool is very similar to Wolverine because of their extremely violent lifestyles and accelerated healing factor, but their differences are what will forever keep them apart.

There’s actually a comic book series coming out soon called Deadpool Versus Old Man Logan, so while it’s hard to imagine anything getting as extreme as this image, Wade’s definitely survived worse. He’ll probably also live as long as Logan, too, so as far as we’re concerned, this encounter is so likely to happen it might as well be canon.


There’s so much to love about this picture: the Heavy Metal poster on the wall, the very idea that Hulk and Deadpool would share a dorm… even funnier is that they share a bunk bed (there’s more room for activities). Hulk clearly insists on the top bunk — who would argue with him? — so much so that Deadpool has clearly had to repair it multiple times.

To top it all off, Deadpool is pulling one of the oldest pranks in the book, and expecting it to work extremely well, as he’s come prepared with a still-woefully-inadequate umbrella. It just goes to show you that a guy willing to bunk with one of the angriest/most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe and is willing to pull a prank like this is most definitely dancing on the line between brave and stupid. But mostly stupid.


It’s so easy to forget that Deadpool wasn’t always so successful on the big screen. Thankfully, Ryan Reynolds insisted on a second go at the Merc with the Mouth, and we’re even more grateful that it was so good that it almost erased X-Men Origins: Wolverine completely out of our heads. What little memory remains, however, is so bad that you’ve just got to laugh.

This meme — a play on the popular Snickers ads — was inevitable, really. You laugh because it’s so very true. The only consolation to the extremely badly thought-out first cinematic outing for ‘Pool is that it’s almost entirely unrecognizable from the real thing. Heck, if someone dubbed over his name for something completely unrelated, you’d never know what they were going for… that’d probably make it better, actually.


If there’s one overused trope in superhero comics (and we joke because there are actually hundreds), it’s the use of “dead parents” as a motivating factor for the protagonist. There are so many orphans or children whose parents are killed when they’re young that it’s about time someone poked fun at the ludicrously high mortality rate among parents of superheroes — enter Deadpool!

As a character not without his own share of tragedy in his backstory, it makes perfect sense for Wade to be the one to draw this to our collective attention. Sure, he’s not the first to notice and he most likely won’t be the last — and in fact, he accidentally murdered his own parents in-continuity — but Deadpool’s ability to step beyond the fourth wall and spot the trends in the superhero fiction makes him the perfect voice to crack jokes.


When you think about it, Ryan Reynolds has had a fairly prolific superhero career. Firstly he was Hannibal King in the poorly received second sequel to Blade, then he was the titular character in the (also) poorly received Green Lantern. He then went on to play Deadpool, firstly in the (three for three!) poorly received X-Men Origins: Wolverine before moving onto the critical success (yay!) of 2016’s Deadpool.

Along the way, his career’s evolved, his starring roles have improved and even the superhero genre around him has gotten better and better, so in a lot of ways, this meme is completely accurate. Compared to Blade: Trinity Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool Ryan Reynolds looks like he went through superhero university and graduated top of his class. It is weird though that his choice of characters, who like to wear crossed swords on their back, have almost brought him full circle.


There’s no mistaking Black Panther for Batman. Yes, they’re both exceedingly wealthy men that dress in black, name themselves after a scary animal and fight crime, but genuinely there’s a lot of difference between the two. That’s why this is so funny — well, that and the fact that T’Challa clearly doesn’t appreciate the comparison — and if there’s one thing you don’t do around Deadpool, it’s to show him that he’s getting to you. That will just make him double down on the gag.

If there was any doubt that people would join Wade in his confusion, then next year’s Black Panther movie is going to make him as much of a household name as Deadpool, thanks to his highly anticipated arrival on-screen. More than likely, though, the Merc with a Mouth is just finding any excuse to annoy the King of Wakanda.


One of them is an irresponsible smartass with way too much firepower, as well an addictive personality, and the other is Deadpool! We kid, but if Iron Man had even a little bit more patience, he and Wade Wilson would make for great friends. They’re so close to being in the same universe too that pictures like this are more wish fulfillment than an actual attempt at humor.

There’s no denying, however, that this is pretty hilarious, and while it took someone on the internet to make the connection, it’s entirely possible that this is intended as a reference between the two films, despite the legal red tape that would prevent any actual crossover at this time. What’s also fun to imagine is Captain America and Colossus finding common ground in their prudish aversion to language.


It had to happen. In almost every Deadpool comic, the Merc with a Mouth breaks out of the fiction entirely and references pop culture or addresses the audience directly or acknowledges the fact that he’s in a literal comic. It only makes sense, therefore, that a character so often used in memes would eventually find a way to break out of them.

What’s even funnier — besides the clever subversion of the very nature of the meme — is Wade’s reaction to it. Obviously, he knows how popular he is in memes, he’s Deadpool! It’s great that he’d be tired of it too, wouldn’t you be? He’s got to be the biggest character in funny internet pictures right now, as well as starring in so many Marvel comics every year, sometimes a wisecracking, self-aware mercenary just needs to sleep, you know?


Can anyone remember a time where you didn’t know the twist in The Sixth Sense? It feels like such a pop cultural touchstone that, even if you’ve never seen the movie (it’s 17 years old at this point) then it feels highly unlikely that — with its constant presence in the zeitgeist — you’ve avoided the major spoiler that Deadpool is in it.

It was a weird choice for such a serious supernatural thriller, that Haley Joel Osment’s creepy skill is the ability to see everybody’s favorite Merc with a Mouth when no one else can. It’s clearly both a gift and a curse, and nearly drives him insane. So is the revelation at the end that Bruce Willis was Deadpool all along. Wow, no wonder it was all we could talk about for months, if not years afterward.


If you’re anything like us then you’ve now only just realized that there are so many characters in comic books with either the first or last name of Wilson. It’s the funniest part of this meme, really, when you realize it. In fact, your face pulls the same expression as Tom Hanks at the bottom of that image there.

Unfortunately for Mr. Hanks, none of the characters are his beloved ball friend, but that’s almost entirely fortunate for us because no one wants a comic book about a largely silent ball friend. Much like Batman and Superman both realizing their mom’s names were Martha, this revelation seems ripe for comedy. It’s a bit of a cheat that Wade Wilson is purposefully a rip-off of Slade Wilson, but Wilson Fisk and Sam Wilson have no such excuse.


There’s no way Deadpool would be this mean to Spider-Man. If their combined adventures have proved anything, it’s that ‘Pool loves Spidey an inappropriate amount. In fact, despite his best efforts, SPidey is always finding himself in dangerous situations thanks to Deadpool’s insistence of joining him on missions.

Still, it’s entirely possible that Wade would absolutely destroy Tobey Maguire’s Spidey in a roast. We can’t imagine Wade having much patience or sympathy for the overly dramatic, sometimes emo adventures of the first Spider-Man movie trilogy. If we’re counting the Spider-Man 3 movie (and you never should) then Deadpool is well within his rights to tear Parker a new one. We’ve already seen Wade mock other heroes for their cliched parental status, so it shouldn’t be surprising that he attempts to mock Maguire Spidey for the exact same thing.

Do you know of any other Dank Deadpool memes? Serve them up in our comments!

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