The Merc A La Mode: 20 Of Deadpool's Freshest Costumes, Ranked

Who doesn’t love the Merc with a Mouth? He’s funny, iconic and, most importantly, deadly. Deadpool has been a popular character among comic lovers for years, but his popularity has clearly improved since the release of the films. He’s certainly changed how the general public sees comic book films by breaking some serious barriers for something so often considered a “children's hobby".  There's something special about Deadpool that makes audiences gravitate towards him, and it’s not just that he’s an anti-hero. Part of what makes him so recognizable is his clear and obvious look --  the red suit and black circles around white eyes is something most people wouldn't confuse with anyone else. If you haven’t been keeping up with the Deadpool comics, or you’ve only seen the films, you might be surprised to know that Deadpool actually has a couple of suit variations. There have been a couple looks that the Merc has tried on, as well as dozens of variations for Deadpool that came out of alternate timelines.

While there are plenty of looks that Wade Wilson has pulled off over the years, we’ll be going over 20 costumes that really stood out amongst them all. After all, it wouldn’t really be Deadpool if he wasn’t pulling some strange stunts with his fashion, right? Some are the original Earth-616 Wilson while others are very different versions of the popular Merc, but in the end, they’re all a part of Deadpool. If you’re a huge fan, you’re going to love some of the looks we’ve picked out!

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D-Pooly is one of those costumes that we think is the most pointless but then again, it is Deadpool and there is no real rhyme or reason to the stuff he does most of the time. D-Pooly is simply a hip-hop themed costume Deadpool has been seen wearing from time to time.

This costume is most notable from the Deadpool video game and is one of the costumes you’re able to unlock. Whether or not there’s anything particularly interesting about its abilities outside of the look, we really doubt it. However, when it comes to interesting looks Deadpool has worn over the years, this is definitely one!


If Wade Wilson had been born in the time of the Wild West, he would have definitely been a cowboy. Thankfully, the comics gave us the imagery of what that might look like when they introduced Wade Wilson from Earth-1108, also known as the Deadpool Kid.

This version of Deadpool basically did everything you would expect a cowboy to do. He robbed banks, started fires and even sent a stampede of pygmy goats running through an orphanage. Yeah, we're not kidding. Unfortunately, our original Deadpool doesn’t really like this version and ends up shooting him in the head.


If you thought being a cowboy was a little random, even for Wade, then you’re probably going to find his pirate phase even weirder. There was a time when Deadpool faked his own demise and decided it was time to try something new. That “something new” just so happened to be him becoming a pirate and taking on a crew known as the Wackbeard Pirates.

This happened during the "Wave of Mutilation" story, so if you’re wondering where this amazing look came from, you should check it out! In a long list of unpredictable things the Merc with a Mouth has done, this is definitely high up on the list.


Deadpool has always been a little more on the neutral, anti-hero side. Part of his charm is being unpredictable and never knowing what he’s really up to because, sometimes, he does things simply because he wants to. However, there was an evil Deadpool, and his freaky look will stick with you for a while.

What’s cool about evil Deadpool’s looks is that his costume is actually a combination of several Deadpool outfits, some of which are actually better suited here. But what’s even more grotesque is that it’s not just the costume that’s patchwork, it’s also his body. He’s made of several Deadpools and has no conscience as a result. His nickname? Dreadpool.


If you thought Dreadpool was horrible, you should consider this next one downright nightmarish. Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe is exactly what it sounds like, for those of us who’ve yet to read it. On a mission to destroy everything, Deadpool decides he’s also going to destroy a fellow mutant in Beast.

He effectively ends Beast’s life and decides the fur shouldn’t go to waste. So, naturally, he wears it around! While we’ll probably never see this look outside of the comic, for obvious reasons, it’s certainly one of the darker looks the Merc with a Mouth has adorned throughout his comic career.


If we want to talk about outfits Ryan Reynolds would definitely wear on set, this should be one of them. After all, who can resist a classic noir look? As part of the "True Believers" line, Deadpool did in fact have a detective arc amongst his expansive, Barbie-like careers. The look is exactly like Deadpool, but with the traditional fedora and trench coat to match.

The look is clearly meant to be more for humor than actual function and was really only a one-shot that didn’t last. However, it was another interesting choice on Wade’s part that certainly looks distinct for Deadpool.


There are plenty of alternate realities out there, and during the "Battle of the Atom" crossover, this new Deadpool hit the scene. This is a drastically different look from our usual Earth-616 Deadpool -- he’s not even wearing his trademark mask. The interesting thing about this Deadpool is the kind of world he comes from.

When the original X-Men were brought into the current reality, our X-Men had to try and send them home. So close to having this happen, they were interrupted by X-Men of the future, including a Deadpool that has a failed healing ability and needs to wear armor.


Much like the detective version of Deadpool, there were a few other versions that got a noir, post-war vibe. This Pulp version showcased Wade Wilson as an operative of J. Edgar Hoover while we were just on the brink of the Cold War. But don’t worry, he’s not that much different from the Deadpool we know and love!

This Deadpool would still join up with Cable and also maintains an interesting look -- he's still pretty recognizable. The half-mask was an interesting choice and the redesign of the suit looks pretty sleek. We’d have to put this one as a solid one in his very vast wardrobe choices.


The Golden Age Deadpool was a very interesting character that had a very different premise from the 616’s backstory. During Captain America: Who Won’t Wield the Shield, Deadpool was reimagined as a super-weapon experiment known as Veapon (Swastika) for Germany. Frederick Wilson suffers from lung issues that he gave himself in hopes of avoiding the war, so he’s constantly wearing a gas mask.

While his backstory is certainly horrifying, the outfit itself is very interesting and, much like it was portrayed in the film, has an intricate tie to the character himself. It certainly makes for a much creepier Deadpool vibe!


This entry isn’t just one suit alone -- it’s a rainbow of many wonderful looks. The Mercs for Money superteam of lone mercenaries that Deadpool banded together and gave matching suits to was one of the most fun ideas Deadpool ever had.

The team came together after Wade as recruited to the Uncanny Avengers. Of course, this left him with very little time to do his usual business, so he hired a few mercs to do it for him. Honestly, what better way to do the job then make a rainbow squad of deadly people to do it for you while you’re off doing anything but?


This suit definitely stands out because we don’t often get to see Deadpool take on different colors in his outfit! "The Days of Future Now" Deadpool featured something very different, both in looks and storyline. The Director’s Sentinel army had taken out the original X-Men and Wolverine set out to create a new team and Deadpool was one of his invites.

While Deadpool originally turned down Wolverine but decided it would be “fun” to join after a while. The suit clearly pays homage to the X-Men and it’s always fun to see Deadpool as part of a team. We highly recommend both this look and storyline!


Who didn’t love the Marvel Zombies phase? Over the years, this has been one of the more reoccurring series of alternate timelines and it certainly is one of the most interesting. After all, seeing your favorite heroes as ruthless zombies really makes you see them in a different life.

If you’re familiar with Deadpool, you’re probably familiar with Headpool. The sentient, separated head would join our original Deadpool eventually, but he did have a body before! The look is certainly grotesque, but since we’re ranking Deadpool’s looks throughout the years, it would be a shame not to include something a little spooky.


Weapon X Deadpool is exactly what it sounds like: Deadpool when he did some work for Weapon X. For those unfamiliar, Weapon X is a government genetic research facility that turns willing and unwilling people into living weapons. It’s because of this, you’ll probably see a lot of mutants, like Deadpool, who originated from there.

Deadpool was certainly one of the agents that worked for Weapon X and his suit is certainly much different. The colors are inverted and also comes with a silver belt for his weapons that really stands out. Honestly, if we didn’t like the original so much, we might suggest going with this one for good!


We know Deadpool gives Wolverine a hard time, but could you imagine if the two of them were one person? Wolverinepool is probably not the weirdest thing you’ve seen on this list, but it certainly is one of them. In an alternate timeline on Earth-1946, Weapon X implants Adamantium in Wade instead of his usual background story.

So essentially, Wade still becomes Deadpool, but with Wolverine’s powers. We don’t get to see a lot of this alternate character in the comics, but it was certainly a cool concept and an even better look! After all, what better pair to put together than these two?


The What If? series gave Marvel fans a thrilling idea about what might happen to some of their favorite characters if certain things were to occur. The series had several great ideas, but one popular thought was what would happen if Wade were to get the symbiote? Venom and Wade merge to create Venompool, otherwise known as the stuff of nightmares.

The idea is certainly cool, but we’re definitely here for the costume. Of course, the symbiote would keep the original Deadpool look with his iconic smile, but we’re wondering if anyone else is getting some Carnage vibes? Either way, it’s a pretty stellar look and certainly one of our favorites!


This should look a little familiar if you’ve seen the second Deadpool movie. While it wasn’t exactly recreated in the film, they did pay homage to Deadpool’s X-Men suit when Wade throws a trainee shirt on over his usual look.

The suit is officially called the Deadpool X-Suit and it’s clearly personalized to fit his taste as he keeps his usual mask on and makes his ‘X’ mark noticeably very bright red. We love whenever Deadpool decides to join up with the X-Men in the comics, so it’ll be interesting to see if the movies ever give him this suit.


If you like Deadpool in an X-Men uniform, you’d probably like this version as well! Deadpool often tries to adorn different versions of the X-Men suit and this is one of many. This came out of the Cable & Deadpool series and it definitely matches the rest of the X-Men crew.

The suit essentially looks like Cable’s, which is sort of cute considering how close Deadpool always tries to be with him. What we like about this look is that, unlike previous entries, it has more connectivity to the rest of the X-Men costumes and doesn’t vary too much in mask or coloration.


Monochrome suits are definitely some of the coolest outfits a comic character can wear. The X-Force version of Deadpool is no different! It’s a pretty bold move from his all-red attire, but it’s certainly one of the sweetest redesigns he ever did.

The reason for this new look came when Deadpool joined Wolverine’s X-Force. Of course, the actual design itself isn’t too different from his original design and he does still keep a splash of red in his eyes and on his X-Force emblem. It’s also very cool that Deadpool can go through multiple suit changes like this one, and still be easily recognizable.


Sometimes the Ultimate versions of characters are the freakiest, rather than the best. This definitely happened with Deadpool’s character in the Ultimate Spider-Man series when Wadey Wilson showed up with a belief that mutants should all be wiped from the earth. No longer imagined as a mutant himself, he’s highly dangerous with very strong convictions. While the look hasn’t changed a lot, there’s something about it that’s definitely off-putting.

The black is more prominent in the suit and the design on the mask has clearly changed, but something about him is clearly scarier. We really wouldn’t want to run into the Earth-1610 version of Deadpool if we were a mutant.


If you keep up with the Marvel comics often, you may have heard of Earth-11638 and its strange alterations to some familiar storylines. Not even Deadpool was saved from some of these weird realities as he was placed as genius supervillain.

Wade Wilson is still ailing from brain cancer in this reality when Reed Richards is able to save him by removing it. Somehow, because of the tumor’s removal, Wade becomes incredibly smart and decides its time to have all the baddies team up. This is one of the most out-there looks for Wade; we would have never guessed this was Deadpool. And yet, it’s certainly creative and deserves a top spot on our list!

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