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The 15 Most Jaw-Dropping DCEU Cosplays

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The 15 Most Jaw-Dropping DCEU Cosplays

The DCEU may be the newest expanded universe to take over the box office, but it has quickly inspired fans and professional cosplayers. The real challenge with cosplaying the film version of your favorite superhero character? They have already been brought to life by professional actors, makeup artists, and costume designers. But for this prestigious group, the challenge has been enthusiastically accepted. These skilled cosplayers haven’t just replicated what has been seen in the handful of DCEU films thus far – many have brought as much charisma to their interpretations as Hollywood stars on the big screen.

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Accuracy isn’t the only impressive quality to these cosplays – their timeliness is nothing short of miraculous, too. Some of these characters, like The Flash and Cyborg, have barely made their official big screen debut, and yet their costumes have already been meticulously recreated by these superfans. While others may wait for the Justice League to be officially released, these cosplayers are paying homage to their favorite characters early and with gusto. Creating a costume from trailer stills, promo images, and costume design sketches? That warrants some major bragging rights. Get ready to do a double take, and enjoy these 15 phenomenal DCEU cosplayers.


wonder woman cosplay

Judging by the amount of Wonder Woman cosplayers at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, it is safe to say fans have been clambering to wear a new version of the warrior princess costume. Linda Carter’s Wonder Woman has reigned as the go-to version for over 30 years, but this newest incarnation inspired by the Patty Jenkins film has inspired a renaissance of Wondy cosplay. It doesn’t hurt that Gal Gadot’s big screen debut was seriously bad-ass!

Julie Diaz may be as well known for her YouTube videos of acoustic covers, but her cosplay game is equally impressive. She created most of the elements for her Wonder Woman cosplay, and this recent photoshoot by @pjmedia_ showcases the cinematic scale of Diaz’s take on the famous Amazonian.


Genderswap Joker

While the DCEU has several notable women characters, for those who want more options, gender bent cosplay is one answer. It is a common practice known as “Rule 63 cosplay”, and you will typically see more women undertaking this practice since many comic book properties are made up of majority male characters. Besides, who wants to let gender norms limit their options for cosplay?

Miranda Hedman‘s Rule 63 Joker was a hit with fans; even Suicide Squad writer / director David Ayer shared it with his Twitter followers. Short of getting props from Jared Leto himself, this is the highest praise a DCEU Joker cosplayer can receive. If you are keen to try this look yourself, Hedman hosts YouTube makeup tutorials of most of her cosplays.


Cyborg Cosplay

There are some characters that even the most dedicated cosplayers find intimidating. Cyborg is one such character, and in particular, the DCEU look is a daunting cosplay to create and wear. To name just a few of its most challenging aspects, the costume is full body, metallic, and has a uniquely shaped headpiece. If you want to be really authentic, it needs light up embellishments, too. There’s not one piece of this costume that can be store bought.

Even among this list of best DCEU cosplayers, jax_cosplay deserves special recognition. Not only does he do Cyborg well, he is one of the few cosplayers out there that is giving this character the full treatment it deserves. After the release of Justice League, we are certain that more fans will come to love Victor Stone once they get to see more of Cyborg.


Superman Cosplay

Supes has been a fan favorite of cosplayers for decades, but the Zack Snyder version requires more extensive skills to replicate than your average cosplay challenge. For one, finding the right textured material must be acquired through serious sleuthing. Getting just the right hues is also difficult. The DCEU is now known for its desaturated aesthetic, so cosplayers must carefully consider the materials and how it interacts with light to pull off the right colors for the suit and cape.

Based in Pennsylvania, cosplayer Jason Evans handcrafts all elements of his costumes, and you can even see process pictures of his other elaborate pieces, like a Wonder Woman bodice. We definitely recommend you scroll through his impressive body of work on Instagram, and if you’re so inclined you can purchase custom items from Evans directly.


Etta cosplay

Easily one of the most memorable scene-stealers from the DCEU is Wonder Woman’s Etta Candy. Played by Lucy Davis of The Office and Shaun of the Dead fame, she was a delight in her role as Steve Trevor’s secretary. But unlike the Amazonian Princess, you won’t find nearly as many Etta cosplayers on the scene quite yet, which is a shame.

This may have to do with the fact that the Patty Jenkin’s Wonder Woman was the first live action debut for the character, but if you want to stand out from the cosplay crowd, Etta Candy is a great option for DCEU fans, though mauldol‘s version sets the bar high! Get yourself a Steve Trevor and you will have the ultimate Wonder Woman squad on the con floor.


Harley Quinn Cosplay

If you’ve attended a comic book convention in the last year, you have probably run into quite a few Harley Quinn cosplayers. To say this has been a popular choice would be an understatement. What has made the Margot Robbie version of the character so appealing? For one thing, she sports multiple looks in Suicide Squad. There is inmate Harley, nightclub Harley, and of course the most popular, “Daddy’s Lil’ Monster”.

With so many fans taking on this cosplay challenge, the best versions go above and beyond to match the detail of the DCEU character. And like The Joker, a certain amount of confidence and manic playfulness is required to pull off the look. Aussie based cosplayer Laura Gilbert definitely has what it takes to cosplay the demented doctor.


Armor Batman Cosplay

When you cosplay a character as commonly revered as Batman, a surefire way to set yourself apart from the other Dark Knights? Go into battle mode! Having only just debuted in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, this is literally Bruce Wayne’s newest look in a long line of film costumes. It is easily the hardest one to create as well. After all, when you need a suit that is meant to withstand punches from the Man of Steel, bullet-resistant kevlar just won’t cut it.

Based in London, James Kemp, or jmkemp on Instagram, didn’t cut any corners with this heavy metal look. But if you’re nitpicking, you may take umbrage with his thick beard. We’re willing to let it slide since James also does a spectacular DCEU Aquaman cosplay which you can see on his Instagram.


enchantress cosplay

When a character’s costume has fewer elements overall, each piece falls under more scrutiny. Like Joker of Suicide Squad, Enchantress is a tricky costume to pull off because it is so reliant on the makeup. But unlike the clarity required for Joker’s stark black and white tattoos, Enchantress has its own unique challenges. It needs to look messy, but not sloppy or it risks looking unintentional. If it is overly intricate, it looks too staged.

What we love about Lindsette17’s take on the character is that she strikes a good balance between the two. No sorcery required! Not only is the makeup well done here, but the scarce pieces of the costume itself are effective without being cluttered. After looking at quite a few other Enchantress cosplays, this one stands out for all the right reasons.


Genderswapped Aquaman Cospplay

Step aside, Jason Mamoa — there’s an Aqualady on standby ready to take your place in Justice League! Like many of the entries on this list, these costumes are being created far in advance of their film’s release, and this one is a prime example of early enthusiasm for a future DCEU film. Raquel debuted her Aquaman cosplay nearly a year ago in September of 2016. It doesn’t look like she will do this one again either, stating that the makeup takes far too long to replicate.

Based in Australia, cosplayer Raquel Sparrow is no stranger to gender bent cosplay. In addition to Aquaman, she does Mera cosplay, too. She also does cosplay as Spider-Man AND as Mary Jane. She is truly living the internet adage, “get you a girl who can do both.”


Deadshot Cosplay

Joker and Harley may be the most popular Suicide Squad characters to inspire cosplayers. But unlike the criminally insane duo, Deadshot’s look requires a stronger emphasis on the costume than the hair and makeup. You can’t cosplay Deadshot without a slew of heavy weaponry, too. You have to be dedicated to carry around that many props and sport a full face mask and eye piece.

You can find pics of cosplayer Bobby Ruth with and without the full mask, but we have to give him extra kudos for sporting the same facial hair and clean shaven head that Will Smith rocked in the film. Should Ruth consider doing another Deadshot cosplay, we suggest he recreate Floyd Lawton‘s casual look from the film, complete with diamond earrings, gold chain, and full length brown leather jacket.


Robin cosplay

You may think this isn’t an official DCEU cosplay, but it is one that the most dedicated fans will recognize. This is the only cosplay on this list that can’t be compared to a Hollywood actor, because Robin himself has yet to make his DCEU film debut. If you’re still wracking your brain trying to recall where this costume made its debut, it was in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Bruce Wayne has Robin’s suit on display in the Batcave, and judging by his pensive look (and the message scrawled on it by The Joker), Robin probably isn’t around to wear it. But cosplayer Stevie Dee, has literally brought this character to life through cosplay. His creations are available for purchase for those who do not have Bruce Wayne’s resources.


Amazons Cosplay

Thank the goddesses for cosplayers bringing the spirit of Themyscira to con floors the world over! The weekend that Wonder Woman opened, jokes were made predicting Amazonian cosplayers would become as ubiquitous as the Spartans were after the release of 300. To which we say: yes, please, let’s make that happen!

As much as we’d love to see cons overrun by women warriors from the DCEU, these costumes with their sculpted body armor and intricate headpieces take a lot of work! To give proper credit, nyamunyanko is Antiope, luna___th is the young Wonder Woman, and moya_sw is Queen Hippolyta. In addition to taking their cosplay to Tokyo’s Holly-Con, they also cosplayed at their local Japanese premiere of Wonder Woman. The only thing that could’ve made this formidable group even more memorable? Riding in on horseback.


Aquaman and Mera Cosplay

Step aside Harley and Joker, this super couple from the upcoming Justice League film is soon to be the DCEU’s top relationship goals! We haven’t yet seen them on screen together, but it is safe to say we don’t need to witness them in action to know it will be hot. Thanks to excellent cosplayers YusufDaza as Aquaman and Haute_Cosplay as Mera, we don’t have to use our imagination either!

Many fans will admit that they’d rather see these two characters in their solo film before Justice League, but we will all have to settle for what little screen time they garner in their super team debut. Based on the number of cosplayers already tackling the royal couple, the tide of Aquaman themed costumes has yet to hit capacity.


Joker Cosplay

Regardless of your opinion of Jared Leto’s casting in Suicide Squad, there is no denying that the latest film incarnation of The Joker is visually distinct. The extensive amount of tattoos, the dental accessories, and the Oscar winning makeup has cemented this look as a challenge for even the most dedicated cosplayer. Unlike the previous design made famous by the late Heath Ledger, this version requires a far more delicate touch when it comes to hair and makeup styling, too.

Moscow based cosplayer Sergey Chekhranov’s Joker cosplay will absolutely make you do a double take. Every aspect of his Joker is on point, from the crazed facial expression down to the ghostly complexion. It helps that without makeup, Chekhranov does resemble Leto, but that does not diminish his astonishing Joker cosplay.


Justice League Cosplay

Besides their obvious love for epic cosplay, you may notice another trend among this list of standout cosplayers: many of them are Aussies. Perhaps DCEU fans down under are more enthusiastic since Aquaman began filming in Australia’s Gold Coast region this past May? Regardless of the inspiration, they have risen to the challenge, producing top-notch cosplay groups like this one. Once they have a Cyborg cosplayer to complete the ensemble cast, they will be unstoppable.

A standout among this super group is Flash cosplayer pheelgoodcosplay. He has previously created other versions of The Flash, but this DCEU one is an intricate piece of work, requiring the construction of interconnected pieces, extensive detail work, and flexibility. Perhaps in finishing this costume so quickly he was paying homage to his favorite speedster?

Are there any other DCEU Cosplays that have impressed you? Let us know in the comments!

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