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The 5 Best Comic Book TV Shows of 2017, Ranked

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The 5 Best Comic Book TV Shows of 2017, Ranked

Not everyone will want to look back at 2017. It’s been a tumultuous one for many; things are tense, and people are worrying about the future. But television is there for us, along with the superheroes that inspire, teaching us to keep going no matter what, or just keep us laughing. Comic book shows have certainly grown more and more popular over the last few years and 2017 has given us some of the best.

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We’re going to explore the best, right here. Honestly, if we could, some shows would be sharing these top five spots — but we can only pick one for each. These five series distinguished themselves from the rest by offering more than just generic superhero action. They kept us guessing, pulled the rug out from under us, and sometimes took risks that paid off better than anyone thought they would.


Neil Sandilands as The Flash's Thinker

If the last few seasons turned you off to The Flash, now is a great time to get back into it. Season 4 has proven to be a breath of fresh air, thanks in large part to the decision to take the show back to its more lighthearted roots. The cheesy jokes, the energetic cast and awesome adventures — everything that drew fans to the show in the beginning — are all back, giving The Flash a much needed sense of renewed vitality. But if you’re afraid the show will still just offer more of the same, think again. It’s clear that the showrunners are trying something different, as best evidenced by one of this season’s new major villains: The Thinker.

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The Thinker, AKA Clifford DeVoe, is a former professor with a love of knowledge. You’ll notice that he’s not in competition to be the fastest man alive like almost every other enemy of the Flash. No, DeVoe is instead the fastest mind alive. He’s complex, he’s psychotic and he’s a bit of a romantic, which makes for one heck of a captivating villain. Because of him and the series’ overall change in tone, this season of The Flash is easily one of the best on television.



Lucifer is a guilty pleasure for many, albeit one that has gotten better over time. The third season has shifted from the formulaic cop drama of the past to focusing on building the overarching plot involving the mysterious Sinnerman, whom Lucifer believes has stolen in Devil face and given him his divine wings. Up until the big reveal in the thrilling mid-season finale, we were given hints pertaining to the Sinnerman’s identity, though sometimes we didn’t even know it.

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The show has done a fantastic job at further developing characters like Linda, Charlotte and, of course, Lucifer himself. While this might have been done at the expense of the noticeably absent Maze and Amenadiel, we have to believe that that’s purely due to the fact that those characters simply can’t really develop as much. For example, Maze doesn’t change. She’s undeniably awesome, and we love seeing her, but we don’t want her appearances to feel pointless. The show seems to get that, and only gives us stories involving her that are worth telling. Of course, that’s not the only thing the show has done right. Each twist and turn has been tastefully doled out, so we’re given just enough time to want more while mulling over what we’ve been given. It all adds to the show’s devilish charm.

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