10 Best Captain Marvel Villains

With Captain Marvel coming as the MCU's 21st film, many fans are researching Carol Danvers to learn more about her, as well about the first Captain Marvel, Mar-Vell. What are their powers and abilities? What stories should fans read up on? And, perhaps most important, who are Captain Marvel's villains?

A hero is only as good as her villains, and Carol has a lot of great villains. She's fought alongside the Avengers against Ultron and Thanos, of course, but she has her fair share of personal enemies, as did Mar-Vell and Monica Rambeau before her. But which ones are the best? Which villains spur Carol to new heights and devastating lows? While many of these villains have fought other adversaries over the years, these are among Carol Danver's most notable adversaries. Who are the best Captain Marvel villains?

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10 Nitro


Nitro may not be as big an adversary to Carol Danvers, but fans of Captain Marvel's first iteration, Mar-Vell, know Nitro as the man who killed Captain Marvel.

Nitro's powers involve him being able to ignite his body to blow up, only to recover shortly after. Nitro exposed Mar-Vell to several toxic chemicals which led to Mar-Vell developing cancer. Following that, his most noteworthy claim to fame is blowing up an entire town of civilians, sparking off a controversy which led to the first Civil War.

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But save for that, Nitro is just another villain. Nothing too special, and, thus, the bottom rung of this list of Captain Marvel adversaries.

9 Doomsday Man


This devastating droid of destruction is a deep-space machine sent far into space. It became sentient, however, and became a dangerous asset. When acquired by AIM and M.O.D.O.K., this sentient machine became a core weapon in the quest to acquire the Cosmic Cube... before fusing with the villain Destructor, who was fused to the machine thanks to the same forces that blended Danver's DNA with Mar-Vell's.

This machine started as a Silver Surfer villain before becoming a reoccurring adversary of Carol Danvers'. While it's often just a weapon used by the greater force of A.I.M, Doomsday Man shares a similar origin to Carol, only with the darker twist of man mixing with machine in a nightmarish fashion. This makes Doomsday Man, despite his silly name and appearance, truly tragic.

8 Genis-Vell

The son of Mar-Vell, Genis-Vell saw himself as the true inheritor of his father's legacy, and fought then-Captain-Marvel Monica Rambeau for the title.

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What makes Genis-Vell such an effective antagonist is how he is, in essence, the rightful follow-up to his father's legacy. He was born to be Captain Marvel, yet he lacks the humanity to be worthy. He takes the mantle from Monica -- who, to her credit, thinks Genis-Vell can be a worthy follow-up, only to prove very, very unstable and unworthy. Genis-Vell is truly proof that some people just cannot be heroes.

7 Titannus

Captain America is the result of mankind's search for a superhuman serum. Titannus is that, only for the Skrulls.

Titannus made his entrance on Earth known by destroying Tokyo, believing it to be a good way to draw the attention of the world's superheroes. It wasn't.

Every time Titannus arrived, it was up to a group of hero, most often including Ms. Marvel, to subdue the Skrull threat. Able to regenerate and prove a threat even after blowing his head clean off, Titannus is a threat only the strongest Marvel heroes could subdue.

6 Deathbird

Deathbird is usually known as an X-Men space-based adversary. However, like many X-Men villains, she started as a villain for Captain Marvel - or, as she was back then, Ms. Marvel.

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Deathbird is a banished member of Shi'ar royalty, cast from her homeworld after it was prophesized she would commit great evil. She worked alongside A.I.M. for quite some time, before unleashing horrors upon the Shi'ar empire -- and, in turn, the X-Men. But when she first arrived on earth, the only one who could stop her was Carol Danvers.

5 The Brood

The Brood are, again, another villain commonly associated with the X-Men. However, once again, they started as a threat to Carol Danvers. Unlike Deathbird, however, the Brood kept finding new ways to torment Carol over the years.

Much like the xenomorphs from the Alien franchise, the Brood are parasites who infest hosts with eggs in order to reproduce. They exist as a hive, and it is only thanks to the X-Men and Carol Danvers that they have not overtaken humanity.

4 Supreme Intelligence

The true leader of the Kree People, the Supreme Intelligence runs the world of the Kree. It is responsible for all decisions made by them, including the ones that impact the lives of every Captain Marvel.

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The Supreme Intelligence is a threat to the Marvel Universe at large, but as Captain Marvel's fate is forever tied with the Kree, the plots of the Supreme Intelligence forever impact each and every one for as long as the Kree Empire remains.

3 Yon-Rogg

A Kree military commander, Yon-Rogg is the villain responsible for Carol Danvers becoming Captain Marvel. Of course, Yon-Rogg first targeted Mar-Vell over romantic squabbles, but his plots to destroy one Captain Marvel created another that would prove to be his undoing.

Yon-Rogg is among one of the most violent and dangerous of the Kree, using the system of Kree government itself all in order to exact his petty plots against his rivals.

2 Moonstone

Another Captain Marvel villain to bear the title "Captain Marvel," Moonstone is one of the members of the Masters of Evil, Dark Avengers... but in regards to Captain Marvel, Karla Sofen has been a reoccurring nemesis of Captain Marvel - all of them.

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What makes Moonstone such a vital villain is how omnipresent she is in Carol's life. Yes, she's involved in the greater Marvel universe, like any superhero adversaries, but she finds a way to be relevant in the lives of every Captain Marvel over the years. There's a reason why she is the one Norman Osborn selects as Ms. Marvel for his Dark Avengers team.

1 Mystique

Many don't associate Mystique as a Captain Marvel villain. Indeed, she's most famous for antagonizing the X-Men. However, what people forget is that Mystique didn't first appear as an X-Men villain. She first appeared as a villain in Ms. Marvel #16.

But, then again, Mystique isn't that known for attacking Carol, right?

Rogue was a member of Mystique's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants for some time. She broke away from them after she put Carol Danvers into a coma, assimilating her powers on a permanent basis. Fallout from this traumatic experience resulted in Carol losing her powers, falling into depression, and, eventually, becoming an alcoholic.

All thanks to Mystique's actions. Carol started her harshest fall thanks not to the Kree or A.I.M., but thanks to Mystique. That makes her possibly the best Captain Marvel villain around.

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