Best Buy Offers Playable Robin Character For "Batman: Arkham City" Pre-Orders

Over the course of development for "Batman: Arkham City" over at WB Games, many questions popped up. Among them was a big question revolving around co-op gameplay, as players were wondering if they could team up as Batman and Robin in the upcoming sequel. Rocksteady said it wasn't being included, and many folks were wondering if the Boy Wonder would be involved with the sequel at all.

Not directly, but some new information has popped up that could leave Robin fans smiling with glee. A recent update to Best Buy's website indicates that those who pre-order "Batman:Arkham City" through them, for Xbox 360, PC or PlayStation 3, will receive a download code to access two additional Challenge maps - which feature a playable Robin.

No word yet on how Robin's abilities would be included with the game, as the listing only states, "See how you can get a free in-game version of the Boy Wonder with the game." However, they'll probably diversify in some form, similar to what the Joker Challenge Maps did with the original "Batman: Arkham Asylum" when it was released for the PlayStation 3 in 2009.

Not everyone is thrilled with the news. Some think Robin's involvement in "Batman: Arkham City" will affect the serious tone the game has come to adopt. However, others believe that his debut in the series is long overdue and will add some new gameplay elements along the same line as the recently introduced Catwoman sequences.

And besides, it's not like Nightwing was introduced, right?

We're currently awaiting a reply from Rocksteady Games to get more information on Robin's Challenge Maps.

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