The Best Batman Gifts for Father's Day (and Where to Find Them)

Batman Gifts

While Bruce Wayne's war against crime as Batman may appear endless, the Caped Crusader has not been alone in his fight for some time, inspiring new generations of crim-efighters, many of whom who look to him as a surrogate father figure. And in addition to assistance from the various Robins, Batgirls, and other fledgling vigilantes in his life, the Dark Knight relies on a vast arsenal of gadgets to help him in his superhero career.

Just in time for Father's Day, here is a selection of the best Batman-themed gifts for the superhero father figures in your life, to help them in their own ongoing crusades while showing their appreciation for DC Comics' flagship character.

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Batman: Hush Watch


One of the best-selling Batman comic book stories is 2003's Batman: Hush by Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee. After enduring a near-fatal fall, the Dark Knight is confronted by his most nefarious villains with a mysterious, new masked figure orchestrating a plot against him.

SuperHeroStuff has released a licensed wristwatch bearing Lee's slight redesign to the Batman logo on the watch face. Made from grey stainless steel with an analog display, the sturdy watch is the perfect way to tell the time while navigating the rooftops of Gotham City.

Batman Tie


Even in his civilian persona, Bruce Wayne is one of the most influential figures in Gotham, leading Wayne Enterprises as one of the foremost companies in the DC Universe. As such a successful, visible businessman, Bruce is constantly dressed to impress while keeping up appearances in the social world.

Cufflinks, Inc. has created a licensed navy blue Batman necktie, to help any aspiring socialites with their own superhero secrets maintain a life of haute couture. Made from 100% silk, the tie features an alternating checkered background with Batman's familiar logo front and center. While it may not be ideal for keeping a superhero identity secret, it certainly will have wearers looking good.

Batman Bathrobe


Keeping up at all odd hours of the night and early morning, Batman knows the importance of comfort when he returns to the Batcave and stately Wayne Manor. With that in mind, nothing helps the Dark Knight unwind better than a soft, warm bathrobe.

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Old Glory has released a black Batman bathrobe, complete with bright yellow accents and the familiar Batman logo. Made from 100% terry cotton, the robe comes in a one size fits most and is built sturdy but for maximum comfort.

Batman Mug


As a largely nocturnal crime-fighter, Batman relies on coffee and tea to give him that extra caffeine boost to power through the night as he metes out justice across Gotham. Constantly being on the move throughout the city means that the Caped Crusader needs a reliable cup to store his drinks while he's on the go.

Paladone has created a ceramic Batman-branded coffee mug to transport whatever beverage required while showing off one's appreciation for the DC superhero. With the iconic logo embossed on the mug, the cup weighs approximately one pound and is not recommended for microwave or dishwasher use.

Batman: World's Greatest Dad Shirt


From serving as a mentor and father figure to Dick Grayson and Jason Todd while legally adopting Tim Drake to becoming a biological father to Damian Wayne, Bruce Wayne certainly has grown past his longstanding association as a loner to build a family for himself. And with that in mind, there is apparel to reflect Bruce's legacy as a family patriarch.

Playing on Batman's reputation as the World's Greatest Detective, Pop Funk's Batman: World's Greatest Dad t-shirt crosses out the crime-fighter title to reflect his more familial role. Made from 100% cotton, the shirt is machine-wash safe and comes in a variety of unisex sizes from small to 5XL. And with every shirt also comes a pair of die-cut stickers bearing DC's Dark Knight Detective.

Replica Batarang


Batman's most recognizable weapon is his trusty Batarang, a shuriken bearing his familiar logo used to hit targets from far away, with several models outfitted with various technological upgrades. Fans can now get an accurate replica of their own Batarangs just in time to give the Batman father figures in their own lives.

Amerang has created a to-scale replica of the Batarang used by Ben Affleck's Caped Crusader in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and 2017's Justice League. Weighing approximately two pounds, the replica comes with a stand to display for any visitors to any dad's own Batcave.

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