The 10 Best Batman Collectibles You Can Get From Sideshow Collectibles

Batman is perhaps the most well-known superhero of all. He has an array of television shows, films and comic books that help to tell his heroic stories of going up against villains such as The Joker, Bane and Poison Ivy.

Those who are fans of this character, who are shopping for fans of this character or who are looking to start or grow a collection of Batman memorabilia should consider the following 10 pieces; they are all from Sideshow Collectibles, they all show off this hero in all of his glory, and they would all be greatly appreciated by any true collector and fan!

10 Batman (Deluxe) Mini Co. Collectible Figure


From the Mini Co. Hero Series line, this hand-painted figure is a great size, meaning it can be displayed anywhere from a desk in a cubicle or an end table in a bedroom to a display case in a living room or game room.

The details seen in his facial expression, costume, weapon and logo (seen at the base of this figure, which helps to keep it standing tall and proud) are beyond perfect, making this a great addition to any collection. If anyone is searching for a bigger version of Batman, though, maybe these next items would work better...

9 Batman Statue by DC Collectibles


This next piece, a statue of Batman, is by DC Collectibles, and it is a 9" PVC version that is posed and ready for action. Once again, there is such detail seen in his body, cape and face, and it is easy to picture a premium product like this on display in a variety of spaces.

Those who are drawn to the action found in Batman comics, movies and series would love the dynamic design that can be found in this DC collectible item, so keep it in mind when trying to find the perfect present for those people!

8 Batman Vinyl Collectible


There are many ways to depict this hero, as he is The Caped Crusader, Bruce Wayne and, well, bat-like, which brings us to the next item on this list… This unique version of Batman is an actual bat, with wings and fangs, and there are definitely a great deal of fans who would be pleased to receive this limited edition design.

A vinyl collectible like this one would add some interest and contrast amongst “ordinary” action figures, as it is a very special item that is also on this website.

7 Batman (Opening Sequence) Statue


Inspired by Batman: The Animated Series, this statue is another awesome one. This animated show had noir elements and a darker tone, and during the title sequence, Batman was seen like this: He was on a rooftop, there was lightning behind him, and he was ready for anything.

The base of this figure looks like the skyline of Gotham City, as well, and it even has a Bat Signal on it, for another fun feature. Yes, any fan of this hero needs this product, especially the ones who watched this classic show.

6 Batman Statue


Sideshow and DC Collectibles have a Batman Black & White line, and this is the 99th piece within it. This replica of Batman has him in mid-leap, with his weapon at the ready. As fans know and as seen by the designs within this list, this superhero, like most, is always paying attention and preparing to fight for justice. That is part of what makes him such a likable hero!

And this particular statue, showing him in such an action-packed pose, captures all of that and more, making it yet another smart gift idea and collector’s item.

5 The Dark Knight Returns Batman Cowl Statue


This statue that is shown right here is actually based on illustrations of an aging Batman, so the mask is wider, showing a tired and grimacing face. A product like this would not work for every person, as some collections are just full of actual action figures or only human-like replicas.

However, the intense collector, the one who wants every piece of Batman merchandise, needs something like this. It is original, it is a conversation piece, it is a work of art, and it adds another dimension to a collection of memorabilia.

4 Be@rbrick Batman Animated Collectible Sets


From Sideshow and Medicom Toy, this is the Be@rbrick Batman Animated 100% and 400% collectible set, which shows Batman as Be@rbrick in the animated form. This set includes a version that stands approximately 2.75 inches tall and one that stands approximately 11.02 inches tall, and there is nothing like a two-for-one-deal.

Plus, this would work for a variety of fans, such as those who collect Be@rbrick, cartoon, superhero and/or Batman figures, which is another nice perk about this collectible item that is seen on this list and this site.

3 Batman VS Superman Statue


This is sort of another two-for-one statue, since it not only shows off Batman but another well-known and praised superhero: Superman! Yes, it has these two characters, which are probably the two most famous superheroes of all time, going up against each other in an epic fight that has been seen and watched and pictured and drawn many times.

This is part of the DC Battle Statues line, too, which is all about dynamic clashes from this universe, seen in high-quality and detailed figurines that make amazing collectible items and presents.

2 Batman Tactical Batsuit Version Sixth Scale Figure


This incredible figure is based on Ben Affleck’s character in Justice League, and it is a sixth scale version of this famous superhero, with a focus on his super awesome Tactical Batsuit. It comes with lots of goodies, like a masked head sculpt, three interchangeable eyepieces, three lower faces, two interchangeable goggles, a newly developed body, an array of gadgets and a Justice League-themed stand.

Yes, this is definitely the thing to buy for those who are into this version of Batman, as well as/or those who are into this Batman-based film.

1 Batman Figurine


It is now time for the final product suggestion on this list, which is yet another Batman-focused item from Sideshow. This is also part of a collaboration with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and is on behalf of DC Entertainment… It is a pewter version of Batman! It stands over seven inches tall! It shows him in his iconic costume! It has him standing proudly on a black base!

And this comic-inspired replica of this hero is one that would look superb in any collection that is displayed in any space and this is owned by any fan.

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