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Avengers Resemble! The 15 Mightiest Avengers Cosplays

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Avengers Resemble! The 15 Mightiest Avengers Cosplays

We know what you’re thinking… how hard could cosplay be? If you have a mustache and a goatee, go buy some yellow gloves… boom, you’re Doctor Strange. Maybe you have an old black unitard laying around. You could throw that on and be Black Widow, right? That couldn’t be further from the truth. Cosplaying, when done right, takes an eye for meticulous detail, patience to craft the absolute perfect look, the physical discipline to resemble your character, and often times an ongoing cash investment in items for your clothing. Some people dress up, some people cosplay, others take it very seriously and their hard work has paid off in spades.

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You will do a double-take when you see how amazing these cosplays are. Some will dazzle you with the craft to their costumes, others will hypnotize you with just how much they look like their comic book counterparts. Others have taken artistic liberties with their outfits in ways that you’ll say: “Why didn’t I think of that sooner?” These cosplayers are sexy, they’re in superhero shape, and ready to get the call from Captain America to assemble! Move over, X-Men, it’s time to take a look at 15 smokin’ Avengers Cosplays.


Scarlet Witch has always been an anomaly. Sometimes her powers are depicted as magical, sometimes her powers are a manifestation of her mutant abilities. Whether it’s chaos magic or some other form of energy, the Scarlet Witch was powerful enough to, on several occasions, warp reality and create such events as the House of M.

Based on the book she’s holding, it appears that Acid PopTart is playing the Scarlet Witch as a magician. The headpiece is great and the red and light purple colors feel like they come straight out of the comic. We don’t know if she’s about to cast a spell or hit us with a hex bolt, but either way we’re entranced. Why isn’t her brother Pietro in the photo? Too soon? Photography by Staley Cook.


Whereas most people going into battle want body armor and protection from guns and knives, Spider-Man needs flexibility. He’s one of the few superheroes in which it makes sense that he’s wearing spandex or some other very flexible material. Yes, Spidey has armored up in the past, but in general he wants to not be weighed down when wall-crawling and swinging from building to building.

Here spandex is taken to a whole new level by full time cosplayer Danielle Beaulieu. She’s showing off her flexibility just like your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, as well as the detail in her costume made by Brandon Gilbert. What’s also cool is based on her hair and eye color we’re definitely getting a Mary Jane Watson vibe thrown in as well. Face it, Tiger. You hit the jackpot!


In the Marvel Comics storyline Secret EmpireAmerica was taken over by Hydra, currently being led by none other than Captain America Steve Rogers. Thanks to retconning by the Red Skull while wielding a Cosmic Cube, everything that we knew about the Captain was turned upside down.

We are very happy to report that there are no traces of Hydra here in this cosplay by Jess of A&J Cosplay, based out of Brisbane. We not only feature a gender-swap here we also see some liberties taken with the costume. We have references to World War II with the belt and helmet but Jess has a modern look to her, much different from Peggy Carter from the TV show Agent Carter. The photo was taken by OhHeyItsSK.


Cosplaying as the Black Widow takes more than just wearing an all-black outfit and sporting a water gun. Natasha Romanoff is a world-class spy that has a mastery of a variety of martial arts as well as weaponry. Simply put, she’s one of the most dangerous people on Earth and if you’re going to try and walk in her shoes you better be prepared to kick some butt with them.

Here we see cosplayer Elizabeth Rage absolutely kill it as the Black Widow. She’s strong and confident with her Romanoff red hair and we can see that she’s already thinking about multiple ways to beat us on the battlefield. The bullet wristband and firearm she’s sporting are no jokes, either. Some say Black Widow is a former dancer, some say she received training with Russia’s Department X program. Based on Elizabeth Rage’s cosplay, all of the above could be possible!


Namor the Sub-Mariner is arguably Marvel’s first mutant. Although he can be seen sporting a belt with the letter X on it, he’s been on the Avengers, a founding member of the Defenders, and most infamously, the Illuminati. Although viewed as Marvel’s counterpart to Aquaman, his time ruling Atlantis had a much different outcome than Arthur Curry.

Here we see Danny Kelley as Namor, photographed by NikonChrome. No need for any fake muscle shirts or trick photography, you can tell by how ripped he is that he’s been doing some push ups on the bottom of the ocean floor. The scales, high collar, even the pointed ears are the icing on this cake of muscles. We don’t want to start any trouble, but we hear Jason Momoa was saying Aquaman could kick your butt. Just a rumor.


Some cosplays you just can’t fake. If someone says they’re dressing up as Superman, you can purchase a costume that has padding built in. There are some elaborate Batman costumes out there that feature faux armored plating and padded muscles as well. But if you say you’re dressing up as the Hulk, there’s not a whole lot you can do to fake it. Get some green paint and then don’t skip on leg day at the gym.

She-Hulk is in the same category, and female bodybuilder Lisa Cross (photo by Areaorion) took the challenge, crunched it into a small ball, then kicked it into space. It would definitely take a bodybuilder to pull off the physique of gamma-enhanced Jennifer Walters. We don’t know if she practices law in her spare time, because she probably spends all her spare time at the gym!


Before you throw a fit, yes we know Rogue is on the X-Men. Heck, her outfit clearly sports a black X on a yellow background. However, she is also in the pages of Uncanny Avengers, which features the Avengers Unity Squad, comprised of Havok, Rogue, The Scarlet Witch, Thor, Wolverine, and Captain America, among later members like Quicksilver, Deadpool and others.

Rogue is seen here by Los Angeles based cosplayer Liz Merlot (with a costume design again by Brandon Gilbert). The hair looks stunning and we think she captures the comic book version better than Anna Paquin did in the X-Men movies. The little leather jacket is a great touch, and it feels less like a costume and more like a uniform. Rogue looks like she’s ready to assemble, regardless of whether it’s for the X-Men or the Avengers. Photo by Albert Ng.


If you’re confused, don’t worry. This is an easy one to get incorrect. Carol Danvers currently goes by the superhero name Captain Marvel, but at one point operated under Ms. Marvel. Then there’s Sharon Ventura, who after getting exposed to cosmic rays in Fantastic Four #310, saw her skin turned into a orange rock-like material similar to Ben Grimm’s Thing persona. Because of her similarities she is called She-Thing but also originally started out as Ms. Marvel. Then there’s the current Ms. Marvel, whose real name is Kamala Khan.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s check out the Carol Danvers version of the hero, in an outfit rocked by Laura Fedi (photo taken by Stefano Solmi). Her superhero stance is fierce and her red lipstick and yellow thunderbolt really pop. Whereas the Ms. Marvel mantle is complex, Laura looks simply stunning.


Anthony Mackie played the Falcon for the first time in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The movie took away such silly elements as him being able to telepathically speak with his falcon, Redwing, and turned him into a soldier with cool tech that allowed him to fly.

Ve’loria Solo does a beautiful job in the detail and craftsmanship for the wings of her cosplay outfit. Our collective hats off to cosplayers such as Ve’loria that go the extra mile to make sure that the gear is good. We think Anthony Mackie would probably get some Exo-Suit envy after looking at the finished product. It’s not clear if the wings retract and collapse into the pack, but we hope that Ant-Man is nowhere near to mess this baby up. Top photo by Joe Tym, bottom photos by Keels Cosplay.


Brie Larson in 2019 will be taking on Skrulls with Samuel L. Jackson in Captain Marvel, but which version will she be playing? In the current version of the character, she is in charge of S.W.O.R.D., an agency that defends the Earth from extraterrestrial threats. She’s spent time serving on almost every Marvel team, including the X-Men, Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Captain Marvel also had a variety of different looks. Here, Kat (who cosplays and creates the outfits) features two of them, both capturing beautifully the detail in the uniforms. This version of Captain Marvel captures her off-planet adventures and the outfit totally looks like it’s ready for the cold vacuum of outer space. You gotta love the helmet design. Let’s see Brie Larson rock that kind of mohawk! Left photo by AK Studio Photography, right photo by Albert Ng.


Before you laugh at The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, let’s not forget that she has defeated such heavy hitters as Doctor Doom, Fin Fang Foom, and Thanos with her… squirrel abilities (please don’t make us describe them). Squirrel Girl was on the Great Lakes Avengers as well as the U.S.Avengers.

If you’re going to take the time to craft a giant, life-like bushy squirrel tale, then congratulations on winning the internets with your photo. You know that Madi went all in with her Instagram account happyacorncosplay.  She gets many points for climbing up into the tree wearing a giant tail, belt and bomber jacket. That’s dedication! Yes, if you’re wondering, the yellow utility belt she wears containing food for squirrels is referred to as her “nut sacks.”


There are a lot of great variations on Thor, such as Beta Ray Bill, Throg (the Thor frog), and most recently the Jane Foster version. With Thor: Ragnarok coming out in November 2017, we are seeing a new, gladiatorial version of Thor that has short hair, face paint, and most importantly, no Mjolnir. At first glance, the movie seems to borrow elements from Planet Hulk and we couldn’t be more excited.

Mad props to Connor P. Norris (photo taken by tammohawk photography) for his fresh take on the Norse God of Thunder. The armor looks boss, leatherwork is exceptional, the weapon he’s sporting looks formidable, and that confident smile could definitely withstand a punch or two from Hulk (but not more than that). Although we don’t see him wearing a winged helmet, we like where his look is going and hope he doesn’t bump into Hela anytime soon!


The mantle of Ant-Man has been worn by a number of people. The costume and technology were created by former Scientist Supreme Hank Pym, and then later by Scott Lang and the irredeemable former agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Eric O’Grady. Now, for the first time, we have someone new wearing the helmet: Merly The Cosplay Dog.

The old saying in Hollywood is not to work with animals and children due to the level of difficulty, but Merly looks ready to get a close up. Whereas most dogs won’t sit still or get off the couch, Merly looks ready to shrink down to the size of an ant and take on some villains. We think Merly legitimately loves cosplaying! Does Paul Rudd know about this? Sorry, but no matter what we’re not calling him Ant-Dog.


When done wrong, a cosplay outfit is a horrible mashup of duct tape, hair dye, and your dad’s shirt. When done right, fanboys and fangirls line up to give you a high five. It’s not easy to translate what is worn on the drawn page to real life because even if you get it right it might turn out silly or just plain wrong.

All hail the appropriately named Sorcerer Supreme of Scotland! He’s clearly devoted a lot of time, resources, and facial hair to all things strange (Doctor Stephen Strange, that is). Although his Instagram account sports some solid cosplaying of the Benedict Cumberbatch version in the Marvel Comics Universe, we thought we’d go old school and show this one that is directly lifted from the comics.  We’re sad we can’t see the Eye of Agamotto, but he’s able to directly borrow from the pages of the comic without looking silly.


Wait, does Tony Stark exist in real life? If so, he either had a hand in constructing this working suit of armor or he needs to get this guy on Star Industries payroll right now! It may be too soon, but with Rhodey out of commission, it’s possible that Shellhead might be looking for a new armored buddy to hang out with.

Anthony Le has created a stunning working suit of armor and these screen grabs barely do the craftsmanship justice. With head movements, his mask opens and closes. The back of his suit opens up and if you get too close his shoulder, rocket launchers might get you. When we talk about cosplay and fans being passionate about their heroes, look no further than this man.

Do you have any mighty cosplay links you want to share? Post your comments below!

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