The 10 Best Arrowverse Collectibles

The Arrowverse is huge on the CW right now. With four separate shows airing on different days of the week all taking place in the same universe and having massive crossovers, it was guaranteed to garner a slew of new fans. While the shows can range in quality, it's easy to get sucked into the Arrowverse and become a fan.

With so many fans of the Arrowverse and so many shows to choose from, there's a lot out there to collect. If you're a fan of the Arrowverse, you're not going to want to miss the 10 best Arrowverse collectibles on the market right now.

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Legends of Tomorrow is one of the Arrowverse's best reviewed show, and with a colorful and likeable cast and the freedom to let loose on some of the crazier aspects of the DC Universe, it's easy to see why. The Atom is one of the key players in Legends, and although his costume is a big departure from the comics, he remains a fan-favorite.

This 6" Figure from DC Comics themselves, and comes with 20 points of articulation, a swappable head and multiple pieces, which makes it the perfect gift for any fan of the CW's corner of DC.


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While there have been plenty dark speedsters to terrorize Barry Allen, none come even close to Reverse-Flash, the villain from the first season. This was the psychotic man who killed Barry's mother and made it his life's goal to destroy the Flash.

He's sadistic in every way and will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. For those that like The Flash and were particularly excited by the Reverse-Flash, the statue from Kotobukiya is the way to go. It captures all the details from the villain's costume in the show and ties it all together with a manic expression on its face.


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Barry Allen was the second major hero introduced to the Arrowverse. After appearing for two episodes in Arrow's second season, he was given his own show in the form of The Flash. The formula behind the Scarlet Speedster's show proved quite popular, as more people seemed to flock to it rather than following Oliver Queen.

With so many fans of the Arrowverse Flash, this statue from Diamond Select Toys becomes all the more enticing. The figure seems to be designed after the costume worn in season three, featuring lightning emanating from him and a stand that looks like it came from Gorilla City.


SEE IT NOW: $19.88

While it was hard to imagine how a seeming Mr. Freeze knock off could be so cool, the CW called in Wentworth Miller to get the job done. Captain Cold became one of the most interesting villains in The Flash and later one of the best characters in Legends of Tomorrow.

With the Arrowverse as popular as it is, it was only natural that Funko made plenty of Pop! figures for those characters. Among them was a Captain Cold Funko Pop! based on the character's design in The Flash. It has all the right details, including the cold gun in his right hand. It's a worthy addition to any Arrowverse collection.


SEE IT NOW: $45.00

Supergirl was on CBS when it first aired. However, it did have an episode where the Flash ran through dimensions to get to her world, proving that the Girl of Steel existed somewhere in the Arrowverse. It wasn't long before Supergirl was brought over to the CW and fully integrated with the rest of the Arrowverse.

The show has found its audience, and Melissa Benoist as the titular superhero has proven a great casting choice. With that in mind, this statue of her from Diamond Select Toys is bound to be a popular pick for Supergirl fans. It captures the character quite well and features her in an action pose.


SEE IT NOW: $9.25

Zoom was the primary antagonist in season two of The Flash. While based in comic lore, this was one of the times where the CW came up with its own costume design and background for a character. Needless to say, Zoom's design was impressive and intimidating, appearing as some sort of Speed Force monster.

For those that liked season two and Zoom as a whole, there is a Funko Pop! featuring the villainous speedster. It has all the subtle details seen on his costume in the show, including the mouth made with slits in the mask. The best part is that the figure is inexpensive.


SEE IT NOW: $43.28

Green Arrow was the hero that kicked off the whole Arrowverse (as the name suggests). While he has gone through some rough times in the show, season five marked a return to form for the series, and Icon Heroes picked up on that.

The company created a statue of the Emerald Archer based on his appearance on season five, which brought together the best parts of his costumes prior together. The result is an attractive and accurate statue that perfectly captures Stephen Amell's Green Arrow. It would make a fine addition to any collection, especially for those who are Arrow fans.


SEE IT NOW: $7.57

Wally West was introduced later in The Flash was the second child of Joe West and brother to Iris. He was enamored with moving fast and got into all sorts of dangerous races as a result. However, he was eventually on the up and up and happened upon some Speed Force powers.

Under training from Barry, he became Kid Flash and eventually worked with the Legends of Tomorrow. For those that like Kid Flash, the Kid Flash Funko Pop! figure has excellent detail. Not only does it perfectly replicate the character's costume from the Arrowverse, but it also features him in a running pose.


SEE IT NOW: $66.10

If you're a diehard fan of Supergirl, then this statue of the Girl of Steel from Kotobukiya is probably the best it'll get for a while. This posable statue is based on the character from the show and accurately recreates not only the costume and all its intricate details, but even Melissa Benoist's face.

The statue was constructed on a 1/10th scale, meaning that it was designed to be proportionate to the character from the show. It also has magnets in the feet to allow for easier and more stable display on top of a metal base. Supergirl fans shouldn't miss out.


SEE IT NOW: $14.10

Deathstroke was one of the best villains in the Arrowverse, serving as the primary antagonist in Arrow's second season before becoming more of an anti-hero after that point. He had a great design and a great backstory. He was threatening yet tragic, and that was portrayed excellently by actor Manu Bennett.

If you're looking to add a little more Deathstroke to your Arrowverse collection, then we'd suggest the Deathstroke Vinimate. While the design of these figures can be off-putting, they add a little variety than just expensive, scale-built statues. It's also part of a collection, meaning there are more Arrowverse Vinimates to collect.

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