10 Best Anime Cosplays That Look Exactly Like The Characters

It's a cosplay world and we are just living in it. The way the fandom has grown throughout the decades has led to an influx of talented people joining the cause. Some decide to focus their talents in art, others pour it into their writing, and some bring the 2D to 3D by creating incredible cosplays that make our jaws drop.

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And among these incredible feats of fabric, cardboard, metal, and plastic, some cosplay truly transcends the mere sum of their parts to become something special. They become vessels that bring the characters to life like no other. So let's celebrate some amazing feats in fandom fashion by shining light on the 10 best anime cosplays that look exactly like the character.

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10 Asuka by Shirogane-sama

Nothing beats a classic. Evangelion cosplay has been a staple at conventions ever since the release of the anime and Shirogane-sama shows why that will be the case for years to come.

Sharing her rendition of Asuka in her pilot plugsuit, she seems about ready to defend the Earth from Angels while also giving her roommate Shinji a hard time. It seems like a lot of work was put into it to make the red pop and the whole outfit shine. Though what brings it together is that little grin that seems to state that she is superior to all those around her.

9 Star Build Strike Gundam by Clivelee

Speaking of putting a lot of work into something, check out this Gundam. Who knows how long it took to make this masterpiece. There is no doubt that a countless amount of cardboard, plastic, and/or metal was sacrificed to the dark gods of cosplay to make this thing from start to completion.

And all that sacrifice was well worth it. While it may not be all that comfortable to walk around in, it's hard to argue that every eye at the convention wasn't on it. If not for the sheer splendor of it all, the way it lights up definitely seals the deal.

8 Nonon Jakuzure by MaySakaali

One of the few cosplays from Kill La Kill that would require a full outfit, MaySakaali absolutely kills it as Nonon Jakuzure. The outfit itself illustrates the color palette throughout. The pinks are just right, and other colors stand out where they need to. That's not to mention the fine work made on the skull at the top of her hat that pulls the whole outfit together for the little schemer from the anime.

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Though just like with the previous Evangelion entry, the cosplayer sells it with her expression. That mischievous half-smile is a clear hint that she is up to something.

7 Master Roshi by Caleb Noble

Though we initially couldn't find him, Caleb Noble reached out to us and we're happy to give credit where credit's due. This cosplay has spread joy to plenty of Dragon Ball Z fans out there. This perfect rendition of Master Roshi roamed the halls of Anime Expo 2019, delighting all he came across with his take on the Turtle Hermit. Not only did he bother to get the costume just right, he even brought his own naughty props to complete the cosplay.

6 Genos and Saitama by Sly Kucing and Hara Takumi

Did anyone call for a hero? How about two? This double-decker of heroic cosplay power brings both characters to life. First, we have Genos with all of the bells and whistles needed to properly cosplay the Demon Cyborg. This is especially notable in the way he built the cyborg's arms and how he managed to color both of his eyes black for the photo shoot.

Then we have Saitama. A much simpler outfit than Genos, but still just as impressive. Full yellow tights and a white cape never looked as good as it does with this cosplayer wearing the mantle. The man is sporting one heck of a serious-faced version of the character. It's as if both of them jumped right out of the screen to make heroing their hobby.

5 Dark Sakura by mussum

The Fate franchise has taken the anime world by storm for several years now. The multi-media franchise has expanded on the original visual novel to reach light novels, games, and anime. It is sort of a wonder that it took this long to reach an animated version of Dark Sakura among the many adaptations of the series.

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But if it continues to make cosplay like this happen, boy, was it worth it! The whole outfit seems to possess a hypnotic effect that draws the viewer to it. No doubt to lure the admirer into Dark Sakura's vicious web.

4 Sasuke by KumaQi熊祁

Despite giving a credit to the cosplay, there is almost nothing you can do to stop us from believing this is actually Sasuke. It's almost too perfect to an eerie degree, where one starts to wonder exactly what is real and what is not.

Of course, it helps that the cosplayer is a dead ringer for Sasuke. Beyond that, the little things do count. The way they styled the hair, their choice in fabric, and even the Uchiha Curse Mark Tattoo they placed on their shoulder brings the cosplay to life.

3 Tsuyu by Mon夢

Everyone's favorite froggy hero. This cosplay can make anyone believe that you too can become a hero. It just takes a whole lot of cosplay know-how and probably a lot of time to make that dream come true.

Mon夢 is a great example of that! Her version of Tsuyu Asui gets the character down to a T. It is not just the outfit here, though; the way she manipulates her eye makeup to make her eyes look bigger is a testament to the amount of thought put into the costume. That's not even mentioning how she managed to get Tsuyu's weird hair ribbon to actually work.

2 The Elric Brother by Geazaki Cosplay and Khiimura Cosplay

This cosplayer tag team brings our favorite alchemist brothers to life. Geazaki Cosplay's costume of Edward Elric probably cost them an arm and a leg to make, but bad jokes aside, they sell the costumes. Then we have Khiimura Cosplay's rendition of Alphonse Elric that makes one understand why people confused him for the Full Metal Alchemist. He sure looks the part.

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Though the best part of this picture is the brotherly vibe both cosplayers show. The simple fist bump and the expression on Edward's face certainly show that they are bonded by much more than just alchemy. Each ready to take on anything together until the end of their journey.

1 Rachnera Arachnera by Maria-Claude Bourbonnais

Look at this beast. Marie-Claude's Rachnera literally stands head and shoulder above the rest. Just look at how it dwarfs the Papi cosplayer right next to her. We'd imagine how much time and effort she put into making the costume if she didn't detail it on her website.

Detailed from start to finish by six posts on her website, Rachnera is a cosplay marvel the likes that only lucky nerds will get to see in real life, let alone make. The giant fiberglass frame and the lovely lady sitting on top of it makes one wonder if monster girls were real all along.

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