10 Romance Anime From The 90s Everyone Needs To See

Just like any other art form, anime offers romantic genres, too. Art is the imitation of life, hence there isn't an aspect of life that anime has left untouched. The romance genre in anime is as old as the origin of anime, itself. There are countless anime titles, either romantic comedies or dramas that have beautifully captured the essence of true romance.

Romance anime from the 90s don't emphasize technology. So there's little to no cell phones and social media representation. They talk about an old school love, unfazed by the distractions of the present-day world.

Romance anime movies and romance anime, both are very popular genres with every demographic. They can range from forbidden love to young love to mature love between people of older ages. Romance anime also come in various forms, sometimes a secondary theme in sci-fi, action or supernatural anime. In this particular article, some of the old-school romance anime from the 90s are talked about.

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A fantasy-romance anime, El Hazard: The Magnificent World tells the tale of a high schooler, Makoto Mizuhara. He is transported into the land of El Hazard, after discovering an old monument in the school. Joining Makoto in this adventure is his friend Nanami, his teacher Fujisawa and his rival Jinnai.

In the kingdom of El, Makoto must save his love interest, Princess Rune Venus. And to achieve that, he and his team have been granted magical powers. Repelling attacks by demon Ifurita and heroically saving his damsel in distress, this one makes for a classic romance-drama.


Armitage III is the futuristic tale of a cop and his female Android partner. Based in 2046, Ross Sylibus requests to be sent off to Mars to investigate the murder of his partner by a robot. Thereafter, a country singer is murdered on Sylibus' flight, as it lands on Mars.

Sylibus is assigned to work with the haughty female Android cop Armitage. Eventually they fall in love. As the two work closely to put an end to the persecution of robots called Thirds, Armitage III holds a secret. She is a Third herself.

Faced with protecting his love and doing his duty, Sylibus must succeed in the quest. A classic sci-fi romance anime, Armitage III tells you, love knows no bounds.


Sakura Diaries touches multiple genres such as slice of life, romance, erotica, drama, and comedy. All of these fit in together to form one great story about Touma Inaba, a young man studying for college entrance in Tokyo. Touma is navigating his way in the big city while studying for exams. Until one day, he is distracted by a knock on the door. A young girl Urara Kasuga enters his room and makes sexual advances towards Touma.

It is later revealed in the story that Urara is a cousin of Touma, who has nurtured an obsession for him since their childhood. Meanwhile, Touma meets Meiko Yotsuba, a sophisticated woman, quite the opposite of Touma.

Sakura Diaries is a love triangle between the three erotica, way beyond its years.

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Marmalade Boy is a Shoujo anime, i.e, it caters mostly to young girls, although it is popular with people from every gender. It tells the tale of Miki Koishikawa, a high schooler who lives in a world of her own. Until one day, her parents give her the shock of her life. Miki's parents plan on swapping partners with a couple they met on a trip in Hawaii.

Every cloud has a silver lining, what breaks Miki, also makes her. At the dinner party set for the other couple, Miki meets their son, Matsuura Yuu. The two hit it off quickly. Thus begins an epic romantic tale of Miki and Matsuura, riddled with many stumbling blocks determined to keep them apart.


Fushigi Yûgi is dominantly adventure-fantasy anime, with romance being one of the themes. It is centered around Maika Yuuki and her best friend Yui Hongo, who are transported into the Konan empire of ancient China via the book "The Universe of The Four Gods".

Maika suddenly sees herself become a Suzaku priestess, a savior that people have been waiting for. She meets Tamahome- the emperor of ancient China. Together with the two of them are to summon the Beast God to save their people.

Love and duty parallel in Fushigi Yûgi, it makes for a very interesting anime, overall.


Classic anime trope of the most eligible girl and a boy. Yukino Miyazawa and Soichiro Aroma are in the same class. Both are at the top of their class, girl after the boy. They share many similarities, in that both hide behind a moral facade. Deep down, Yukino is a vain woman and Soichiro is a self-centered boy.

The two begin to interact after an exam result is out. Their character arcs transform and they begin to question their individual ways of life. Yukino and Soichiro slowly fall deeply in love with one another.

A classic slice of life anime, that's going to tickle your 'young-love' fantasy.

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Another slice of life anime, with dominant theme of romance, is Gokinjo Monogatari. It tells the tale of Kouda Mikako, a fashion student with lofty ambitions. Living beside Kouda is her childhood friend, Yamaguchi Tsutomu, handsome boy.

As the two grow into adolescence, Kouda starts to see a different side to Yamaguchi. He's matured into a heartthrob and she starts to fall in love with him. From friend zone to end zone, Gokinjo Monogatari briefs their love story.

Interspersed with day to day struggles, it makes for a perfect one time watch.


Koutetsu Tenshi Kurumi is a sci-fi romance anime that shows a human falling in love with a humanoid. Based in Taisho era (pre World War II) in Japan, Ayankoji develops a Steel Angel to aid the mankind. However, the Japanese Imperial Army, want to use it in the wars to come. Ayankoji, as a result is forced to codename his creation 'Kurumi' and lock it behind closed doors.

That is until one day, Nakahito intrudes into Ayankoji's house and stumbles upon Kurumi. It gets a little cheesy here, a sudden ambush by the army has Kurumi falling onto Nakahito! And she wakes to life, the second her lips meet Nakahito's.

Called 'the kiss that started a Miracle', Nakahito must keep Kurumi safe from the Imperial Army. The forbidden romance and war-mongering in the background, make Koutetsu Tenshi Kurumi a thrill to watch.


Hitomi Kanzaki, the protagonist is a 15-year-old girl, who trains in tarot cards. Her life is turned upside down on a night when a boy named Van Fanel drops from the sky (Quote literally!). Hitomi successfully assists this Fanelian Prince in a dragon-slaying rite. She and Van are transported to the land of Fanelia.

Hitomi is quick to discover that Prince's kingdom is under threat by the evil Zaibach Empire. Together the two must save the land of Fanelia from tyrant Zaibachs. As they encounter challenges, Hitomi and Van fall in love with each other. Watch it and your love of fantasy-romance anime will skyrocket.


Kodomo No Omocha tells the tale of a child artist Sana Kurata. She's a famous personality on TV, star of her own show Kodomo No Omocha. Sana's mother is an author and together they make the weirdest pair. The only problem in Sana's life is her rowdy classmate, Akito. He is a nuisance to everyone in the class, including the teacher.

One fine day, Sana decides to put her foot down. Determined to find out about Akito's behavior, Sana starts an investigation. With each proceeding step, she learns more about Akito. And the more she learns, the closer they become in the anime.

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