Best 100 Comics of 2008: Master List

This year was another in a decade brimming with awesome talent and fiercely entertaining work from all areas of the comic book industry. A small number of staffers attempting to identify one or two titles as the best of a stellar year like 2008 would be a disservice to CBR readers, so this year we polled every single CBR contributor to create our list of the 100 Best Comics of 2008, which you can now peruse conveniently in this master list.

CBR's list was compiled after the entire staff submitted their individual picks for the best books of the year - ongoing series, miniseries, one-shots and graphic novels published in and throughout 2008. No limitations on genres or publishers were imposed, and the ranking was determined by democratic vote. All editorial remarks represent only the views of those to whom they are attributed.


NOTE: Some items -- such as "Y: The Last Man," which was recognized in this feature last year -- released only one or two installments in the very early days of 2008, and thus do not appear on this list. Such items were not deemed ineligible; their absence here reflects reader consciousness of these comics as being, for all intents and purposes, highlights of 2007.

Enjoy, and have a happy new year!

100. Madman Atomic Comics

99. Swallow Me Whole

98. Hack/Slash

97. Green Lantern Corps


95. Salt Water Taffy

94. G.I. Joe: America's Elite

93. Locke & Key

92. New Avengers

91. Too Cool To Be Forgotten


90. Berlin: City of Stone

89. Local

88. Real

87. Green Arrow/Black Canary

86. Justice League of America

85. Dynamo 5

84. Dead Space

83. Checkmate

82. Astonishing X-Men

81. Jonah Hex

80. The Immortal Iron Fist

79. 100 Bullets

78. Tiny Titans

77. Elephantmen

76. The Sword

75. glamourpuss

74. The Walking Dead

73. Nova

72. Echo

71. Sublife

70. FreakAngels

69. Tales Designed To Thrizzle

68. Chiggers

67. Comic Book Tattoo

66. Captain America

65. DC Universe: Last Will And Testament

64. Amazing Spider-Girl

63. Aetheric Mechanics

62. Dan Dare

61. Kramers Ergot 7

60. Punisher War Journal

59. Three Shadows

58. Wildstorm: World's End

57. Trinity


56. Hulk

55. Blue Beetle

54. All Star Batman And Robin, The Boy Wonder

53. Family Dynamic

52. Disappearance Diary

51. Ganges

50. Daredevil

49. Final Crisis: Requiem

48. Secret Invasion

47. Wasteland

46. DMZ

45. Final Crisis: Legion Of 3 Worlds

44. Bottomless Belly Button

43. The Boys

42. Air

41. Monster Zoo

40. Hellboy/B.P.R.D.

39. Final Crisis: Rogues' Revenge

38. What It Is

37. Ex Machina

36. Ordinary Victories

35. Final Crisis

34. Invincible

33. Wolverine

32. Avengers: The Initiative

31. Secret Six

30. Madame Xanadu

29. Justice Society Of America Kingdom Come Special: Superman

28. Justice Society Of America

26. Thor

25. The Amazing Spider-Man

24. Kick-Ass

23. Achewood

22. Young Liars

21. The Punisher

20. Love And Rockets

19. The Amazing Remarkable Monsieur Leotard

18. Guardians Of The Galaxy

17. Booster Gold

16. Northlanders

15. Omega: The Unknown

14. Green Lantern

13. Casanova

12. Acme Novelty Library

11. Batman

10. Captain Britain And MI:13

09. Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season Eight

08. RASL

07. The Incredible Hercules

06. The Umbrella Academy

05. Action Comics

04. Fables/Jack Of Fables

03. Scalped

02. Criminal

01. All Star Superman

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