Bernie Wrightson's wife shares update on his health post-surgery

Legendary comic book artist Bernie Wrightson has had a difficult road in the past year, with a hospitalization last July following a series of small strokes. Wrightson since recovered and returned to the convention circuit, but recently underwent brain surgery. His wife, Liz, provided an update on his condition on Facebook, and while the news post-surgery is not what they were hoping for, with biopsy results indicating cancer, she says they are optimistic -- his "prognosis is excellent," and no cancellations of appearances are expected despite radiation and chemotherapy.

He's recovering well from his brain surgery, but the biopsy of the tumor came back with disappointing results. Bernie is now undergoing radiation therapy, with a year of chemotherapy to follow. His prognosis is excellent, and we don't expect to have to cancel any appearances this year. I'll get the schedule up as soon as it's firmed up a bit more.

Thanks for all your good thoughts!

The CBR staff wishes Bernie Wrightson the very best in his recovery.

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