Bernie Wrightson Shares Unseen Ghostbusters Concept Art

A genuine horror comics legend, Bernie Wrightson co-created DC Comics' Swamp Thing, and has entertained and terrified generations of readers with such works as "Frankenstein Alive, Alive!" and adaptations of H. P. Lovecraft, Stephen King and Edgar Allan Poe. However, he's also worked as a movie concept artist, and produced illustrations for King's short novel "Cycle of the Werewolf."

That latter work is now the focus of a Kickstarter project that will see the art collected into a calendar and, if your budget can stretch to it, a limited-edition fine art portfolio, which will include high-quality prints and reproductions of the preliminary sketches, all in a laser-etched wooden case lined with crushed-velvet upholstery. The complete package even comes with with a silver bullet stamped with Wrightson's "W" — just what you need in case of a sudden werewolf attack.

As is often the case with Kickstarter campaigns, Wrightson has recorded a video to help him promote the project, with a further two bonus videos spotlighting a few key projects in his career. The second of these covers Wrightson's work as a conceptual artist on the 1984 film "Ghostbusters."

In this footage, the artist shows off examples of the sketches he created for various ghosts and other supernatural creatures from the film, including the library ghost and the terror dogs. He also shows copies of sketches he produced for elements that never made it into the finished film, including the Road to Hell and the Gates of Hell.

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Wrightson reveals that the studio kept the original concept art after the film wrapped and he has no idea what happened to it subsequently. Perhaps some of it now resides at Ghost Corps HQ on the Columbia Pictures lot, the current production office for all things "Ghostbusters." If so, fans can hope they will some day resurface.

In the meantime, fans should check out all of Wrightson's Kickstarter videos and especially his "Cycle of the Werewolf" Kickstarter page.

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