Bernie Wrightson in Hospital Due to "Series of Small Strokes"

Famed horror artist Bernie Wrightson has been hospitalized following a series of small strokes. First reported via Facebook by Wrightson's longtime friend and "Frankenstein Alive, Alive!" creative partner Steve Niles, Wrightson is currently undergoing tests, and his cognition is good -- Niles said he and Wrightson were "joking around and goofing off and annoying the nurse."

Niles also posted a statement from Wrightson's wife, Liz, with an update on the artist's current status.

"Bernie is in the hospital, having suffered a series of small strokes. Tests are happening; surgery may be in the cards," Liz Wrightson said via Niles' Facebook. "His cognition and spirits are good, but convention appearances look unlikely for the next few weeks. Overall he is okay, as we got him to the hospital FAST. Send good thoughts and all that."

Additionally, Niles provided the following statement to CBR: "I spoke to Bernie today and he is in high spirits. We joked about the nurse being a vampire and few other things I can't say. Right now they are doing tests but Bernie says he feels good and doesn't want anybody to worry. Please send positive thoughts and love Bernie's way."

Wrightson co-created DC Comics' Swamp Thing with Len Wein in 1971, and has worked on many different comics throughout his career, including "Batman," "Detective Comics," "House of Mystery," "Punisher: Purgatory" and many more. He was also responsible for the production design of the Reavers in Joss Whedon's "Serenity."

The staff of CBR offers our best wishes to Bernie Wrightson on a speedy recovery.

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