Bermejo's "Suiciders" Launches, New Characters Debut From DC in February

DC Comics' February 2014 solicitations had quite a few variant covers featuring Harley Quinn -- it's understandable considering that she's the subject of DC's overarching variant cover theme -- but there are also a few other tidbits that make February a celebration of Harley Quinn. Not only will the character make an appearance in Tony S. Daniel's "Deathstroke" #4, she'll also get a seasonally themed one-shot: "Harley Quinn Valentine's Day Special" #1 sees the character acquire a Valentine's Day date with Bruce Wayne.

But while Harley is certainly the familiar face that anchors DC's February solicits, there are quite a few new characters making an appearance as well.

  • "Justice League 3000" #14 continues its inclusion of Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis' bwa-ha-ha "Justice League" characters, and brings Etrigan the Demon into the fold.
  • "Wonder Woman" #39 brings in a new queen of the Amazons for the DCU.
  • "Aquaman" #39 introduces Aquaman's mother.
  • Peter J. Tomasi begins his run on "Superman/Wonder Woman" #16 by introducing in the New 52 version of Magog, a pivotal character from seminal 1996 miniseries "Kingdom Come."
  • "The Multiversity" adds another big artist to its roster: DC Comics co-publisher Jim Lee. Lee, along with inker Scott Williams, will provide art for Grant Morrison's "The Multiversity: Mastermen" #1, which focuses on a world where the Nazis won World War II and directed world culture for the next half-century -- which is where The Freedom Fighters come in.
  • A new "Director's Cut" edition of "The Multiversity" #1 will also be available with Ivan Reis' pencils, notes from Morrison and a map of the Multiverse.
  • Vertigo also has some significant issues coming in February, headlined by the debut of Lee Bermejo's "Suiciders."
  • Following an absence in both the January 2015 and February 2015 solicitations, DC has confirmed that "Dead Boy Detectives" will wrap in December with issue #12.
  • "Fables" will print its penultimate issue -- #149 -- with a cover that may shock longtime fans of the series. Not only does Bigby Wolf feature on Nimit Malavia's cover for "Fables" #149, he's having a serious make-out session with Rose Red.

In the world of collectibles and collections, there are a few things of note. Namely, a Justice League poker set designed by Kevin Nowlan, with cards featuring Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Deadman, Hawkman, Flash and more. Plus, for fans of Frank Miller's "Dark Knight Returns," the iconic story is set to receive a "Batman Noir: Dark Knight Returns Deluxe Edition" hardcover, while "Y: The Last Man" gets its first Absolute edition, ever.

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