Bermejo Expands Robin Concept Beyond "Teenage White Kids Who All Look the Same"

"Suiciders" writer/artist Lee Bermejo is making a splash in the DC Universe this summer, when "We Are Robin" debuts as part of the company post-Convergence overhaul of its publishing line.

Written by Bermejo with art by Rob Haynes and Khary Randolph, the new series focuses on Duke Thomas, an African-American teenager who was introduced as a child that helped Bruce Wayne during Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's "Zero Year" storyline. Thomas returned to the pages of "Batman" in "Endgame," when the Joker killed his parents in a recreation of the Waynes' murder. A grown Thomas also appeared in costume as Robin in Ray Fawkes and Dustin Nguyen's "Batman and Robin: Futures End" one-shot in 2014.

Telling USA Today that he's using the new series to expand the iconic character beyond "teenage white kids who all look the same," Bermejo says the title's premise is designed to allow him to explore the concept of diversity by reflecting the real world's struggles with the same. "With everything that we've seen happen recently with Ferguson, there's a lot of issues here that I think can be touched on and should be touched on," he told USA Today. "There's that element of this particular moment we're passing right now, and with a book like this you have a chance to comment about certain things and bring them into the Bat-universe in real interesting ways.

"It's one thing to put a hashtag on your Twitter account as a teenager and feel like you're part of something. It's a whole other thing when the (stuff) hits the fan and you have to stand up for what you believe in."

"We Are Robin" debuts June 24 from DC Comics.

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