Berkeley Breathed's 'Calvin and Hobbes' gag wins April Fools' Day

Bloom County creator Berkeley Breathed kicked off April 1 by announcing that he's acquired the beloved Calvin and Hobbes from the famously reclusive Bill Watterson, who's "out of the Arizona facility, continent and looking forward to some well-earned financial security." Accompanied by a photo of an elderly man who's definitely not Watterson, it's a funny enough joke, but Breathed was only getting started.

The cartoonist's Facebook page was updated with an image that proclaims it as the "New Home of Calvin and Hobbes," with the promise of "new strips" and "new merch," although that should probably read just "merch," as Watterson famously refused to license his creations. (You know that Hobbes hat would sell like hotcakes at Nordstrom.)

Breathed was quick to follow up on his threat promise of new strips, publishing the first "new" installment of Calvin and Hobbes in more than two decades. Signed "Watterson," and drawn in his style, the strip depicts the title characters as "zombies," "back from the dead" and craving penguin brains.

Whether Watterson actually had a hand in the strip, as he did in 2014 with that surprise Pearls Before Swine storyline, remains to be seen.

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