Bennet & Mitchell Discuss "Agents of SHIELD's" Inhuman Adventure, Skye & Lincoln's Romantic Future

Oh, the Inhumanity! With any doubts about Skye's Inhuman lineage erased in the most recent episode of "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.," it's clear that the human/Kree offshoot race has made a most dramatic entrance into the Marvel Cinematic Universe via its flagship TV series on ABC, years ahead of the studio's planned "Inhumans" feature film.

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So what does that mean for the team's newly powered-up operative Skye, played by Chloe Bennet, who's been revealed as an Inhuman interpretation of the comic book universe's Daisy Johnson, AKA Quake? Bennet joined her future co-star Luke Mitchell ("The Tomorrow People"), who'll soon be joining the cast as charismatic Inhuman Lincoln, who may provide the keys for Skye to understand and embrace her newfound abilities, on the top-secret set of the series to offer CBR News and other reporters some teasing glimpses of what lies ahead.

When did you first find out about Skye's connection to the Inhumans?

Chloe Bennet: Like, in hair and makeup the day we shot it, basically. No, they told me probably about two days before, but I found out and kept it a secret, which is really impressive for me, like two weeks beforehand. I thought I was She-Hulk for a while, so I've been working out a lot. No, they told me pretty last minute.

Have you gone back to read the comics featuring Quake, and what stuck out from them for you to build on?

Bennet: Yes, and I don't think I should tell you because I think they're the comics they're going to pull from. But yes I did do my research and went and obsessed over Daisy Johnson for a while after.

What did you think when you heard about the "Inhumans" movie?

Bennet: I try not to think too much of it because look at her right now. That just sums it up. It's really cool, because the day I found out was the day they announced all the movies, or the day after. I was like, "The 'Inhumans' movie? Who's going to be in that one?!" I'm really excited!

What got you excited about playing someone with powers?

Bennet: Growing up with six brothers, I've never really seen any Disney princess movies, like, ever, actually, so I've always wanted to be an action star or action hero more than I ever wanted to be any sort of Disney princess. It's been a dream for a while, so it's been cool.

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How have powers changed your days on set?

Bennet: It's really awesome, post-production, once you have powers, but while you're shooting it, nothing feels more dumb than pretending that you're awesome with powers and not having any powers at all. You're just in a room with a bunch of dudes with cameras and you're just pretending to have earthquake powers and that's just a little weird. But it's really, really awesome. I haven't seen anything yet but I'm sure it's awesome once everything's done. You have to have a lot of trust in the rest of production at that point -- I really love stunts, and I think there's still an element of stunts that are going to happen for me incorporated with earthquake powers. It will be fun to explore the diversity of what that even means coming up.

Are you itching to get into a full-on superhero costume?

Bennet: Yeah! I am! I really want that really bad, like a jumpsuit. I mean, it's annoying to have to pee in, but it's really fun to just have.

Luke, how familiar were you with Inhumans beforehand?

Luke Mitchell: I really wasn't very familiar with it at all to be perfectly honest. I quickly went to the comic book store and got a couple of origin stories. I very quickly discovered the history and it was all very cool. I was pretty ecstatic to join a cast like "S.H.I.E.L.D.'s." I think it's a great show. Any time that you're dealing in superpowers and that sort of thing is always going to fun.

What can you say about your character at this point?

Mitchell: [Smiles] I'm more than happy to sit here and listen to Chloe talk.

Bennet: Everything was going great this season until they cast Luke. It all went downhill from there. No, just kidding! It's all been really fun.

What's the relationship between your characters?

Bennet: Lincoln is definitely one of the characters who helps Skye adjust with her powers, being an Inhuman himself -- he helps Skye adjust to her new powers in a way that makes her more comfortable with them. And they might kind of like each other maybe at some point.

Luke, what was your learning curve coming onto the show?

Mitchell: It was pretty full on, to be honest. I was kind of thrown in the deep end straight away with a little bit of dialogue, shall we say.

Bennet: His first day was rough!

Mitchell: It was a lot of fun and we got through it. We were out on a pretty cool location and it was just a lot of Chloe and I, a lot of talking and discovering and things like that. I think anytime you come onto a show that's already established and already doing well, it's kind of tricky because everyone already knows what they're doing and you have to come on and bring this character to life. I tried to do that as best as I can.

Bennet: He came on and he killed it. He had a really hard day on set at the beginning because it's obviously an intimidating show to walk onto, and he had a lot of responsibility because he's an Inhuman. I think fans are really going to like him on the show and really 'ship our relationship. They're already 'shipping it and they haven't seen anything, which is kind of amazing. It's gone up in flames on Twitter. People are like, "Noooo!" And then just slamming their keyboards over Brett. But then people are really excited for... what is it? Slincoln? Skink? That sounds wrong.

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Talk about Skye and her father Cal's dynamic going forward.

Bennet: Let's just say that he was definitely right about how once you change, things aren't going to be the same and people aren't going to treat you the same way. There's definitely a level of discrimination against Inhumans. I wouldn't say that she turns to him but I would definitely say that their relationship changes a little bit.

How confident is Lincoln in his Inhuman abilities?

Mitchell: He's reasonably confident in his own abilities. He's quite knowledgeable and very enthusiastic about the whole Inhuman thing. I'd like to say more, but I just can't!

Bennet: He's going to be like a breath of fresh air to the show and change things up. He brings on a whole other part of the show that people are going to be excited about. His powers are dope!

How cool is it, getting to introduce Inhumans into the MCU?

Mitchell: It's really cool.

Bennet: It's awesome! We'll be shooting scenes where we're both doing Inhumans stuff and it's crazy and really fun. And then it's really weird to go to the grocery store afterwards after pretending to have powers and doing all this crazy Marvel stuff, you go and you're like, "Do I want basmati rice or do I want brown rice?" It's weird, but it's fun.

"Agents of SHIELD" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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