Benicio Del Toro Circling Shane Black's The Predator

A new report suggests that Oscar-winner Benicio Del Toro ("The Usual Suspects") may join the cast of the upcoming "Predator" reboot, co-written and directed by "Iron Man 3's" Shane Black. Though best known for his dramatic roles, Del Toro has recently made a splash in genre films, having starred in "Guardians of the Galaxy," and the upcoming "Star Wars: Episode VIII."

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According to Deadline, Del Toro's yet to close the deal with the studio behind the project, 20th Century Fox.

A casting rumor from a month ago purported that James Franco was being eyed for a role in the film -- but that's yet to be confirmed.

Black previously indicated that he hopes to reintroduce “a sense of mystery” to the franchise with his reboot, which is simply called "The Predator." He said, “We’re going to get a great cast and we really just write it and write and write it."

Co-writer Fred Dekker compared the film to James Cameron's 1986 sci-fi opus, "Aliens." "If you think of the first ‘Predator’ as ‘Alien,’ ours is much more ‘Aliens'...It’s not ‘Ten Little Indians,’ it’s not, ‘Let’s kill off all of our characters,’ because we have a lot of characters, from a lot of different worlds and ideologies. I don’t mean other planets. It’s a lot of people doing a lot of things in a lot of locations."

"There’s a lot of great stuff in the [original 1987] ‘Predator’ but it’s very simple…Guys get dropped in a jungle, and there’s an alien monster, and they fight the monster, and they all die except for one — spoiler alert! — and then the thing self-destructs, and there’s a nuke, and then [Schwarzenegger] flies away. It’s relatively simple. And our idea was, Okay, we know that story already. What’s behind the curtain? Why are they here? What are they doing? What’s the bigger picture of this? I think these are questions you can answer, or at least explore, without defeating that sense of scariness. And who knows if their agenda’s changed?"

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"The Predator" is slated for a February 9, 2018 release.

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