Benedict Cumberbatch's Grinch-y Origin Teased in New Trailer

A new trailer for the Illumination's upcoming Grinch film has been released, and our favorite Green Mean One is gathering everything he needs to steal Christmas, including a new minion.

Though the trailer is light on details about the Grinch's past, we do get a little more insight into what happened to him as a child to sour him on the holiday. It also shows that his plans to steal Christmas had a few speed bumps, including the difficult task of recruiting a new player into his mad, mad scheme.

The film will delve into the titular character's origins as an orphan child, along with retelling the events of the original animated film with a more humorous bent. With the people of Whoville planning on celebrating the holiday to be three times bigger than normal, he decides that they're too happy and enlists his dog Max to help him rob them all of their possessions. Dr. Seuss' holiday tale has been adapted multiple times, most famously with the animated film in 1966 that plays every Christmas. The last theatrical version to release was Ron Howard's adaptation in 2000 starring Jim Carrey.

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In theaters Nov. 9, The Grinch stars Benedict Cumberbatch.

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