Bendis Reveals Young Justice Is Headed For DC's Kingdom Come Universe

Kingdom Come

The fan-favorite DC superhero team known as Young Justice recently reunited under the guiding hands of writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Patrick Gleason. The first story arc took the group of heroes to the magical Gemworld universe, but Bendis has now revealed Young Justice will be visiting another popular world in DC's multiverse once the tale concludes.

In a post to his Instagram account, Bendis shared artwork from Alex Ross and Mark Waid's Elseworlds miniseries, Kingdom Come, stating Young Justice's journey through the multiverse will take them directly to the alternate reality.

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"Batman: over in young Justice #youngjustice are trapped in the multiverse and are headed towards kingdom come #dcwondercomics," Bendis posted. The Kingdom Come panel shows a shocked Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman in their civilian identities while eating at a superhero-themed restaurant.

Ross and Waid released the four-issue Kingdom Come comic in 1996, and showed a world where the Justice League abandoned their roles as superheroes. In their absence rose a new bloodthirsty superhero named Magog. Though heroes like Superman would eventually return, a skeptical Batman formed a new team of Outsiders. To this day, Kingdom Come remains one of DC's most popular comics, joining the likes of Watchmen, The Dark Knight Returns and The Killing Joke.

It remains to be seen how Young Justice will incorporate the artistic style of Ross' Kingdom Come. The title could simply display a much older version of the Justice League to match the one found in Kingdom ComeYoung Justice series artist Patrick Gleason has left the series, signing an exclusive contract with Marvel Comics.

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Young Justice #6 goes on sale June 5.

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