Young Justice: Bendis Teases Showdown with Team's Evil Crime Syndicate

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Young Justice #6 by Brian Michael Bendis, John Timms, Gabe Eltaeb and Wes Abbott, on sale now.

Even though the fan-favorite teens of DC's Young Justice have finally reunited, not every moment has been filled with joy. The team thought they were finally heading back to Earth after their adventure in Gemworld, but the conclusion of Young Justice #6 leaves the team lost in the Multiverse.

Writer Brian Michael Bendis has shared the cover for an upcoming issue of Young Justice by artists John Timms and Gabe Eltaeb, which features the team squaring off with their version of the Crime Syndicate from Earth-3.

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Bendis captioned the cover on Instagram with the message,"Coming soon in young justice by @theartofjohntimms @gabeeltaeb #dcwondercomics." Robin, Superboy, Impulse, Wonder Girl, Jinny Hex, Teen Lantern and Amethyst are shown looking shocked to see their evil counterparts, who look more than ready for a battle.

The Crime Syndicate hails from Earth-3 and has plagued the Justice League on numerous occasions. If this team is indeed an evil Young Justice, there is a good chance the villains also call Earth-3 home.

The doppelgangers more or less look like their heroic counterparts, except for a few exceptions. For example, the evil Robin has red hair instead of black, the evil Teen Lantern sports blonde hair and the evil Impulse doesn't appear to be Caucasian. One explanation is this character could be Wallace West, aka Kid Flash, instead of Bart Allen.

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Bendis previously revealed one of the many Earths in DC's Multiverse that Young Justice will travel to is Alex Ross and Mark Waid's Kingdom Come.

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