Bendis Working on Young Justice Spinoff with Major Female Creator

Brian Michael Bendis, DC Comics writer and curator of the company's new Wonder Comics imprint, has revealed a major comic book creator has signed on for a spinoff of his new Young Justice series starring the character Amethyst.

At this time, Bendis did not (and is likely currently unable to) reveal who this mysterious creator is. What he did divulge, however, is that the creator is a woman, and he is incredibly excited to be working with his first and only pick.

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With the release of Young Justice #1 now just a few days away, a fan asked Bendis if there were also plans to launch spinoff titles starring the likes of Superboy, Robin and Amethyst under the Wonder Comics banner.

Bendis replied, "Amethyst has a major creator already signed on. This creator was my first an only pick for the project and she said yes!"

"But that announcement is for another day," he continued, "That shows you how much @DCComics loves what we're building with #wondercomics."

This upcoming Amethyst comic will be only one of several new titles coming to DC's new imprint following the release of Young Justice. Other announced Wonder Comics series include Naomi, Wonder Twins and Dial H for Hero.

Written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Patrick Gleason, Young Justice #1 hits comic shops on Jan. 9.

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