Bendis' X-Men Movie Gig Came After His Marvel Exit

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At an Emerald City Comic Con spotlight panel for revered author Brian Michael Bendis, the Jessica Jones co-creator shed some light on the timeline between exiting Marvel and landing the role scripting an X-Men-based movie -- thought to be starring Ktty Pryde -- for Fox.

“I have a very cool Fox gig, and it is X-Men-related,” Bendis said at the panel, specifically not confirming (or denying) that it would be a Kitty Pryde solo movie. “Everything else is just people guessing. I’m sorry, because they paid me not to say anything. But it’s cool, and it’s very funny that I left Marvel and I got a call two days later about an X-Men movie.”

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The Eisner Award-winning author is taking on a slew of new projects in the wake of his monumental departure from Marvel Comics, now curating his own imprint at DC Comics and taking over the helm of Superman at the publisher. It was reported last month that he would be writing an X-Men-based movie for Deadpool director Tim Miller, though no additional details have been reported since the initial report.

Get all the details from Bendis' ECCC spotlight panel here.

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