Bendis Explains Why Superman is Needed in Our 'Weird and Different' Era

As Brian Michael Bendis prepares to start his runs on Superman and Action Comics following a six-issue Man of Steel weekly miniseries, the writer already knows his goal for Superman: making the Man of Steel relevant in a "weird and different" time.

During a recent interview, CBR asked Bendis what elements of the character he was looking to highlight. "What he represents to our culture," he replied. "He represents hope, and he was created in a time when there wasn’t a lot. He was created at a time where the world couldn’t be more fractured. Though we are not in the middle of a World War, we are in a very fractured time in our society. Everything feels different and off to a lot of people, no matter where you are on the global spectrum. Things are weird and different, and it feels less connected — even though it’s so weird, because we’re all connected. That’s when you need Superman."

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Bendis was also asked about what fresh approach he wanted to take when exploring the Man of Steel. "Superman relating to the world as it is right now is something I haven’t seen before," he said. "That struggle that he’s going through as a father, with demands of responsibility more than you’d ever thought you’d have, I can relate to, as well. I’m not Superman, but I can relate to having as much responsibility as one person could have. Writing all of these things feels very truthful, feels very honest — if you have that, the rest is gravy. Having him punch Toyman after that is easy. "

Man of Steel #1, by Brian Michael Bendis, Joe Prado and Ivan Reis, is scheduled for release on May 30 from DC Comics.

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