Bendis Is Taking an Ultimate Spider-Man Approach to DC's Legion of Super-Heroes

Brian Michael Bendis plans on re-establishing DC's Legion of Super-Heroes by following the approach he used on his Ultimate Spider-Man run for the modern age.

Bendis recently sat down with Den of Geek to discuss a wide range of topics on the reboot. When asked what about the Legion appealed to him as a comic writer, he replied, "It is a very dense and rich sci-fi universe. Paul Levitz and Keith Giffen and Mike Grell and Jim Shooter, so many creators have added to it over the years. What we’re getting to do, with all these seeds, it’s similar to what I did on Ultimate Spider-Man, which is to cherry-pick the best things about the characters and the world and put them in this beautiful stew of everything that’s great about the Legion and put it out in a modern story."

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"That’s what my job on Ultimate Spider-Man was, and I realized, 'Oh my God, the Legion doesn’t exist here; we can create the Ultimate Legion,' for lack of a better word," he added. "This is literally like every era of Legion, all the best parts put into ours. All the parts that are the most inspiring, the most hopeful, the most story motivated."

DC announced Bendis as the writer for a new series based on the heroes from the 31st century. Joining Bendis is artist Ryan Sook, as the duo looks for a new modern take on the group.

Bendis' time on Ultimate Spider-Man was impressive, leading to an over 200 issue run that reshaped Peter Parker for a new generation. Using the same approach for Legion of Super-Heroes could pay off for Bendis and DC.

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A new era for the Legion begins in Superman #14 arriving on August 28. The story continues in the two-part miniseries Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium in September and October, followed by the all-new Legion of Super-Heroes #1 on November 6.

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