Bendis Teases "Spider-Men 2"

In 2012, the Ultimate Universe and Marveliverse collided with the meeting of Miles Morales and Peter Parker in "Spider-Men," written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Sara Pichelli. The series left off just as Peter Parker began researching Miles Morales online in the 616. Today, via his personal Twitter account, Bendis confirmed that a "Spider-Men 2" is planned, answering the question "Are we going to see a spidermen [sic] 2 series?" with "Yes."

While Bendis didn't specify when or how a follow-up series would take place, a "Spider-Men 2" isn't a stretch to imagine occurring as the 2012 series enjoyed both solid sales numbers and critical acclaim. Every installment of the five-issue limited series ranked no less than 4.5 stars by the CBR Reviews Team. The original "Spider-Men" was part of the 50th Anniversary celebration for Spider-Man and was Bendis' first full-on Spider-Man adventure in the Marvel U.

Marvel Comics representatives declined comment when contacted by CBR.

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