Bendis' New Superman Villain Has Ties to Krypton

Krypton's explosion, by John Byrne

When writer Brian Michael Bendis takes the reins of DC Comics' Superman titles, he will introduce a new villain to the franchise with ties to Krypton.

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He'll follow his 10-page debut in Action Comics #1000, with the Man of Steel six-issue miniseries, and then his regular runs on both Superman and Action Comics.

Man of Steel #3-4, by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado
Man of Steel #3-4, by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado

Bendis told Forbes the weekly Man of Steel title will introduce "a huge new villain, a blockbuster villain who connects deeply to Superman’s origin story and to his birthright." The artwork accompanying the interview may depict this new character, a bestial humanoid figure, on the cover of Issue 3.

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Perhaps indicative of his plans for Superman, Bendis teased, "We’re going to dig in very hard, this is one of my goals, to be as additive to Superman as possible." Known for his world-building at Marvel Comics, Bendis plans to continue that trend at DC. "The characters we debut right away, including this new villain, will send ripples of horror across the entire Superman family and beyond!"

Debuting May 30, the six-issue, weekly Man of Steel will will feature art by the likes of Ivan Reis, Evan “Doc” Shaner, Ryan Sook, Kevin Maguire, Adam Hughes and Jason Fabok.

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