Superman Cover Unites the Man of Steel with a Sworn Enemy

Yesterday, Brian Michael Bendis took over the DC Comics Instagram account, where he posted behind-the-scenes pictures and videos of the publisher's writers summit. One such post revealed artist Ivan Reis' penciled cover to Superman #5, featuring the Man of Steel standing side-by-side with one of his fiercest enemies, General Zod.

Bendis' post reads, "The Cover to Superman number five by @ivanreisart @joeprado2017 this is chapter 5 in the year-long United Saga #zod #manofsteel #actioncomics #superman #bendisdcinstatakeover"

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Another revelation in the Instagram post is the potential name of the writer's year-long Superman story arc: "United Saga," or merely "United." A big question leading into Superman #5 will be what events have transpired that will lead the Man of Steel to stand with a sworn enemy like General Zod? Aside from both characters hailing from the destroyed Krypton, they have fundamentally different viewpoints when it comes to humanity.

The weekly Man of Steel miniseries is setting the stage for the relaunch of Action Comics and Superman, which will mark Bendis' big debut as the writer of both series. General Zod was last seen in Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #40-41, where he established a new home for his family and the Eradicator.

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