Bendis Previews the Super Sons Reunion You've Been Waiting For

The Super Sons, the duo consisting of Damian Wayne as Robin and Jon Kent as Superboy, have been separated since Jon left Earth to train with his Kryptonian grandfather Jor-El. Now, the two will be reunited for the first time since Jon went through a very big growth spurt, according to Superman writer Brian Michael Bendis.

"Coming soon in Superman..." Bendis teased on his Instagram account when publishing a preview image of the Super Sons reuniting.

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The black and white drawing by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado shows Damian and Jon happily leaping into action. It depicts Jon in the new, older form he developed into while on his trip with Jor-El.

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This is the first time the two characters will be interacting since Jon Kent was aged up into a seventeen-year-old in Superman. The shenanigans of the duo can also currently be followed in Adventures of the Super Sons, a flashback series taking place in the times Jon was still ten years old.

The reunion of the Super Sons will be a part of the current Superman arc, "Unity Saga." Superman is written by Brian Michael Bendis and illustrated by Joe Prado and Ivan Reis,

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