Bendis Explains How Stan Lee Inspired Naomi's Action Comics Appearance

When DC announced the launch of Brian Michael Bendis' Wonder Comics imprint, the news included a solo title starring an all-new original character named Naomi. Her miniseries by Bendis, David F. Walker and Jamal Campbell peeled back the curtain on Naomi's origin, with the young hero leaving her quiet small town for parts unknown.

The final page of Action Comics #1014 revealed Naomi headed to Metropolis to meet Superman, and according to Bendis, the surprise cameo was influenced by one of the comic book industry's greatest icons: Stan Lee.

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When asked if Naomi's appearance would inform Event Leviathan or Action Comics moving forward, the writer explained it's complicated.

"Not directly but what this expresses is that shared storyline stuff that sometimes gets lost in the mix and the comics that I loved had that shared story like, 'Oh this is touching that and that's touching this and I don't even know where Young Justice is going to be compared to Legion of Super-Heroes!' It's very exciting to me," Bendis said during a CBR interview.

But it seems that Bendis learned from the best when working on these crossover stories: "Also, the logic of characters kind of crashing into each other is one of my favorite Stan Lee lessons that I learned growing up. Like 'I just got superpowers, what should do? I think I should go find Superman!'" he added. "So right there, and her dropping into his story feels very natural and how the world really works and I think that's what people really love about continuity; it feels like that's how the world works."

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After all, even in stories with mysteries and superheroes, it's still nice to have a touch of the real world. In the end, it's nice to know that Stan Lee's special touch can still influence the comic book world in the here and now.

Event Leviathan #4 is on sale now.

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