Bendis Sends Care Package to Young Spidey Fan Hit by Car

Seven-year-old Styles Johnson IV was hit by a car in front of his Arizona home last month. The impact sent him flying into a neighbor’s yard. After he was rushed to hospital, the boy was quickly released, having suffered only a minor concussion. He then explained to his sister why he survived unharmed -- he told her he’s Spider-Man.

Styles' sister tweeted out her brother's confession, which drew the attention of the folks at Marvel Entertainment, who wished the young Spider-Man a speedy recovery via the company's official Twitter account.

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Styles' story was also noted by Brian Michael Bendis, who tweeted back a few days later, asking if he could send the boy a care package.

Bendis -- who created Miles Morales as part of Marvel's Ultimate Universe, and who is currently writing the character as part of the main continuity following last year's Secret Wars event -- more than delivered on his promise.

A week later, Styles received a box of comic books, along with a hand-written note that read: “Hey buddy, get well soon. We’re making more Spider-Man comics.”

Cecily, Styles' sister, tweeted a thank you to Bendis, along with a picture of her brother holding up some of the issues he was gifted. She also promised that Styles was writing a thank you note.

Cecily also shared video of her brother opening Bendis' care package. The young web-slinger is clearly delighted at the unboxing:

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