Bendis Says Maleev's Art for "Scarlet" Book 2 Is Finished

Earlier this morning, Marvel Comics announced that Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev will team up once again in 2016, this time on "International Iron Man."

However, with the announcement came the question: what about the pair's last work together, the creator-owned "Scarlet," which was published through Marvel's ICON imprint?

Wonder no longer: in a post on his Tumblr, Bendis announced that before he would agree to work with Maleev on the upcoming Iron Man spinoff, he insisted that Maleev first finish the second book of their series.

"i told alex he couldn't start work on this book until he finished book 2 of our creator owned series scarlet," Bendis wrote, " and he did!!"

As proof, the writer shared a page from the series' second volume, seen above.

Marvel Comics had no comment on the series, or on a release date.

"Scarlet" follows the story of a young woman named Scarlet Rue as she battles police and government corruption in Portland. As her story spreads, her legend grows, and she quickly finds herself the figurehead of an entire movement. The character breaks the fourth wall regularly, talking directly to readers about what she's experiencing as she attempts to sort out what has happened to her life.

The series debuted in 2010, releasing seven issues over a three year period.

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