Bendis Reveals Naomi #6 Cover Featuring the Justice League & Young Justice

So far, Brian Michael Bendis' DC Comics imprint, Wonder Comics, has been a rousing success with the debut issue of its ongoing series Naomi selling out and getting a second printing.

While participating in an AMA session on Reddit, co-writer and co-creator Brian Michael Bendis thanked fans for the support the book has received so far and shared the cover to June's sixth issue, illustrated by artist and co-creator Jamal Campbell, which teases a meeting between the new hero and the Justice League and Young Justice.

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"FIRST we have to meet Naomi's adopted parents, find out her last name (!!), and what her whole deal is THEN... Young Justice is gonna have a word," revealed Bendis about the upcoming issue closing out the series' first story arc. "What [co-writer and co-creator David F. Walker], [Jamal] and I are so excited about with NAOMI is that the story starts so small but gets so big. Her secrets open up all kinds of story possibilities in the DC Universe."

Featuring its titular character living in the Northwest that happens upon a chance encounter with Superman and Mongul, Naomi sets out to find how her mysterious connection to the DC Universe's superhero community ties into her own secret origin.

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Naomi #2 is written by Brian Michael Bendis and David F. Walker and illustrated by Jamal Campbell. It goes on sale on February 20 from DC Comics.

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