Bendis Reflects on Comic-Con International 2001

[Brian Bendis]Brian Bendis was one happy camper at this year's ComicCon in San Diego. Especially at Friday night's Eisner Award Banquet, winning for Best New Series (Powers). But, surprisingly, winning this award wasn't the high point of the evening for him. "I was actually happier for Mike Oeming," says Bendis. "He was having a surreal night. It was fun to be part of it."

For some reason Bendis didn't expect to win, evidenced by his choice of attire for the annual award dinner. Bendis, who accepted his award wearing a pair of old shorts, explained why he chose not to wear pants that night. "Because, I specifically picked an occupation where I rarely have to wear any," Bendis told CBR News.

So, what's next for the newly awarded writer? His encore is a new creator-owned book for Marvel's Mature line called "Alias" releasing in October. It's about a female super-hero who's now a private detective. But, Bendis is quick to point out differences between his new book and that new ABC TV Series called "Alias" about a female spy. "My book isn't really an action book, it's a crime comic," says Bendis. "It's just a word."

From the moment his Marvel Mature title was announced, the most controversial element has been the mention that Bendis' main character in the book will have a fairly graphic sex scene. At the San Diego ComicCon, it was rumored that this scene had been edited to quiet some of the controversy. Bendis responds, "Absolutely untrue! It is being released exactly how I wrote it and how Mike drew it."

Bendis sums up the highest and lowest point of the ComicCon. "It was both the same moment...(it was) a surreal pop culture moment when Julie from the Real World, (the Mormon girl) was producing a segment I was taping for a TV show, and she tackled a drunk Troma Sgt. Kabuki-man to stop him from attacking me while on air. Only in San Diego," laughs Bendis.

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