Bendis & Quinones Help Heroes "Survive" the Ultimate Cataclysm

During Marvel.com's live chat with writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Joe Quinones about the "Survive" one-shot, the creative team teased some of the revelations that come to light following the conclusion of "Cataclysm," including that someone new may be picking up Captain America's shield in the wake of his death.

"Someone picks his shield up at the end of the story and it is someone who has never picked up his shield before," Bendis said.

The writer also promised readers are "definitely going to see Spider-Man stories [they] have never seen before" with the new direction of the Ultimate U following "Cataclysm."

"In the real world, we have all lived through catastrophe," the writer said during the live chat. "Whether you wanted to or not, it defines you. It changes you. It makes you reexamine who you are and who you should be. Now, imagine a couple of dozen super powered people all doing that at the same time and deciding that things need to be different. That life is too precious. That reality itself is fragile. That means that life and love and life goals should all be taken very seriously and every day should be treated as if it were your last, because it might be. This is what the heroes are going through and how they are going to embrace their roles going forward. And with that comes some very exciting stories, some of which will be familiar to those who love superhero comics, but I think particularly with the writers we have that you're going to see a freshness to this entire thing that you're not going to see anywhere else."

Marvel.com also released two new inked pages by Joe Quinones from the one-shot that feature Tony Stark, Monica Chang and more.

"Cataclysm: The Ultimates' Last Stand" #5 hits stores Feb. 26; "Survive" is scheduled to arrive a month later on March 26.

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