Bendis Promises Lois & Jon Will Return to Superman Comics in 'Big Bold Story'

While writer Brian Michael Bendis' run on Superman has seen the Man of Steel isolated from his wife and son, the writer assures fans the separation is only temporary.

When a reader expressed dismay that the new DC writer had written Lois Lane and Jonathan Kent from his upcoming ongoing run as seen in the recently concluded Man of Steel miniseries, Bendis tweeted that Clark Kent's burgeoning family will return in the pages of both Superman and Action Comics.


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One of the central mysteries driving the six-issue miniseries officially launching Bendis' run on the character was what became of Lois and Jon. Gradually revealed over the course of the story, the final issue showed the Man of Tomorrow's biological father Jor-El inviting his grandson to accompany him on an educational tour of the universe rather than confining his formative years on Earth. Despite his own grave concerns, Kal-El was unable to convince Jon otherwise with Lois volunteering to accompany her son and father-in-law rather than leave Jon alone with his less-than-trustworthy grandfather.

Before taking to the stars, Lois secures an advance book deal for her upcoming interstellar voyages and promises her husband that she and her son will return to him.

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With Bendis teasing a "big, bold story" returning the mother and son to both Superman ongoing series, the Kent family reunion is shaping up to be one for the ages.

In the meantime, Superman #1 relaunching DC's flagship character is out this week on July 11. The issue is written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado.

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