Bendis Teases One More Major Marvel Creation Before Leaving For DC


Brian Michael Bendis surprised comic readers everywhere when he announced he was leaving behind Marvel Comics for an exclusive deal with DC Comics after nearly 18 years. Details surrounding his move -- including which titles he'll be working on -- have remained sparse, with Bendis promising news would come soon, but if a new Tweet is anything to go by, Bendis will leave the House of Ideas with a parting gift: another brand new character.

During his time at Marvel Comics, Bendis has famously created a plethora of characters, including Jessica Jones, Miles Morales, Maria Hill, Daisy Johnson and -- most recently -- Riri Williams. That's quite a legacy to leave behind, especially given that three of those characters are currently starring in live action properties, with another set to get an animated feature within the next year. However, it appears Bendis isn't done creating new characters for Marvel just yet. In a tweet to a fan earlier today, he revealed that he's still writing for Marvel through December, before teasing yet another possible creation before he leaves the comic giant.

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Bendis has previously stated that his editors at Marvel are working with him to make the transition go as smoothly as possible, revealing that they'd allowed him "final moments with all of our favorite characters" to help set them up for the next big chapter. It's unknown just which book Bendis could possibly be teasing a new character for, as he's working on few different titles at Marvel.

Bendis currently writes Invincible Iron Man, Spider-Man, Jessica Jones and Defenders for Marvel. There’s no word yet as to when his tenure on those titles will end or when his DC-exclusive agreement will begin, although his tweet would suggest January.

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