Bendis on the <i>Avengers</i>/Romita Jr. announcement

As you've no doubt seen on CBR and all across the comics Internet, writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist John Romita Jr. will be relaunching the Earth's Mightiest Heroes franchise with the adjectiveless Avengers #1 this May. I first heard the news through various and sundry social networks, where word was spread by ecstatic JRJR fans like wildfire.

One such fan? Bendis himself. In a pair of posts to his Twitter account, Bendis talked a bit about the announcement -- and promised more to come:

for the record. me and jr jr are the team for AVENGERS not new avengers. more announcements and line up teases coming very very soon. as excited as u guys r for jrjr on avengers, i am fifty times more excited to actually be writing it. been waiting for this for a long time.

Indeed, Bendis recently tweeted enthusiastically about a killer page he'd seen by an artist he'd never worked with before, a description that fits Romita Jr. to a tee. UPDATE: Our eagle-eyed commenters Tom Daylight and Rich Doyle point out that the pair did in fact work together on Mighty Avengers #15, so that leaves another mystery project out there someplace.

Sounds like we should stay tuned for further word on which Avengers teams -- creators and characters alike -- will be assembling when Siege is over and The Heroic Age begins...

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