Bendis & Oeming Offer First "United States of Murder Inc." Details

First teased this past November, Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming have revealed the details of their latest creator-owned collaboration, "The United States of Murder Inc.," in an interview published Friday by USA Today.

Set to debut in May as part of Marvel's creator-owned Icon line, "The United States of Murder Inc." is a crime series presenting an alternate American history, where organized crime grew so powerful that it now controls much of the east coast and parts of Nevada.

"It was Brian thinking I came up with this awesome idea of an alternate history: 'What if the Mob had won the war with the FBI?'" Oeming is quoted in the article. "I was just asking a question, he took it as a pitch and off we went immediately going into ideas and rolling over scenarios."


"We always wanted to do a real crime comic -- no other genre immersed in it, not a crime comic with aliens," Bendis added.

The series will star "made man" Valentine Gallo and hitwoman Jagger Rose, whose ascents in the mob coincide with the discovery of secrets that lead to them questioning the life they've known.

"We meet our character as he gets what he's always wanted," Bendis told USA Today, "and then discovers things he'd probably never wanted to hear."

The series launches with a double-sized first issue and six consecutively shipping installments, before then alternating months with "Powers," Bendis and Oeming's long-running superpowered police procedural.

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